Sunday, February 14, 2010

where is the laughter?

Its sad at how we tend to look at things differently as adults. We lose an innocence, a sense of fun. Its obvious of course, that this happens. That does not change my opinion. There should be a way, that even as adults, understanding the responsibility of being an adult, that we should still have the feeling of wonder, that we held as children.
Maybe the scientists among us still hold a portion of that. It could be that those who go out looking for new or old species in lands that are not so well traveled, still hold a portion. Astronauts, going out into space. Among us, there may be the few that remember. Most of us I fear, have forgotten.
The day to day to day lives that we must live, pull it from us. It drains the adventure, the hope, the fun....the innocence and wonder that we once knew. The feeling that drew us from the every day and boring to the imaginative and fun. It drew us to watch a bird or a butterfly in flight. It drew us to watch an earth worm or snake move across the ground. We chased shadows and we chased lightening bugs.
Our days were filled with laughter, as children.

Where is that now? As adults, carrying the responsibility of jobs and family..where is the laughter we once knew?

Living here we do not often get snow. This for us--as for most of the nation- has been a winter that has brought more snow than we have seen in years. While the adult in me, hates with a passion to attempt to drive in it, and if at all possible--won't. It brings out the kid in me in a hurry. As soon as I can I have camera in hand and am out in the woods. I am following creeks and hills and critters. I forget that I am supposed to be cold, I forget just how badly I hate the cold and I run. I fall and I climb and I photograph. This last snow I took one hundred and fifty photographs. Most of all, as I walked counting animal tracks, I smiled and I laughed and I forgot all about being a responsible adult.
My son and I had snow cream. I don't usually try and make it as it has never been a favorite of mine. I made it this time because the kid in me, that had escaped from capitivity for a time, wanted it.
The snow melted quickly. It is still here and there in patches. My photos are already uploaded into the computer, they will last long after the last of the snow is gone. But the memories of the walk, the memories of playing happily where no one could see and tsk tsk my actions, that I will carry in my heart forever.
I am blessed, and I know it.