Friday, December 31, 2010


Time, passing by, passing away

leaving us to stand holding


of what was, what happened

on the days, the moments

of recent past days

we hear the songs of thoughts

singing in our hearts

we see the dance of laughter

as it circles around


that will be held close

treasured more than gold

valued more than jewels

diamonds could not sparkle as this


of times together

spoken across distances

standing close, within the arms of loved ones

recognizing time passing by

as we make as we hold


looking forward to what comes

new days, new moments

that approach with new days


to future memories

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Blessed in His Promises

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Closing the door to the U-Haul she smiled. They had managed to get everything in there after all. One thing was for sure, there was no worry about anything falling and breaking, you couldn’t have slid a sheet of paper in that trailor. Turning, she crossed the driveway and entered the mobile hoome. This was what she had called home for the last year, now she was leaving. Wandering through the empty rooms she checked one final time to make sure that they hadn’t left anything. Her steps echoed along the hallway. It was an odd feeling walking through here now. Empty as it was it felt different, foreign. The memories she had made her weren’t all good, but there were enough of them that she would not forget this place. Hearing the car horn blowing she turned and walked out. Pulling the door closed behind her she crossed to the car. Louisianna, here we come, she thought as she opened the car door and slipped into her seat.

As the car pulled out of the drive she waved good-bye to the few people that were out in their yards. A few of these folks she would honestly miss, they had been good to her. By the time they had reached the interstate she had settled back and was watching the familiar landscape passing by. Soon all that she knew as home would be behind her. It had been a long time since she had lived anywhere but here.

By the time they reached the North Carolina- South Carolina state line he was tired of driving. Pulling the car over he instructed her to take his place, she was driving the rest of the way. Having learned by now not to argue she switched places with him. She had never driven a vehicle pulling a trailor, nor had she ever driven as far as they were going. Grasping the steering wheel she checked traffic and then pulled out onto the highway.

It was dark by the time they reached Atlanta, Georgia. Trying her best to follow directions that were nothing less than confusing she watched the road signs. When a convertible Mustang loaded with teenagers came barreling onto the interstate without looking she jerked the wheel. She realized her mistake immediately as the car and trailor swerved dangerously. She ignored the cursing coming from the seat beside her as she regained control of the car. The teenagers long gone she took a deep breath and continued driving. Somewhere in Alabama she took a wrong turn when she missed a road detour. In the middle of nowhere with nowhere to turn around he woke. It had been much more peaceful with just the sound of his snoring beside her. Ranting and raging now at her mistake he demanded she turn around. The word ‘where?’ screamed through her mind but she did not verbalize it. She scanned the roadway as best that she could. It was well past midnight, she was beyond tired and tears were threatening. In the pitch black of the night there was nowhere to turn around on this back country road. When he bellowed out againg for her to just turn the damn car around she had no choice. Pulling over to the side of the road as far as she could she began to manauever her turn. She ignored the cursing coming from the seat beside her as she finally managed to get turned around without getting stuck or damaging anything.

Going back in the direction she had come she was overjoyed to find a gas station still open. She was even more happy to find out that she hadn’t really gone that far out of the way. Listening carefully to directions she paid for the gas and got back in the car. Reluctantly she took hold of the steering wheel and pulled back onto the road.

Time meant nothing. Miles and hours passed and she grew numb to everything. She somehow managed to remain awake as she drove through the night. He had fallen asleep again and it was quiet but for his snoring and the radio playing softly. She watched road signs and white lines passing. Home was so far away now, somewhere in the back of her mind lurked regrets. How and why had it come to this..but this had been her choice and she would somehow make the best of it.

Sunlight was streaking across the sky as they crossed Louisianna. She rolled her shoulders as she drove. They had passed New Orleans, crossed many bridges and passed acres of fields lining the roads. He was watching the road, telling her it wasn’t far now. Crossing the I-10 bridge in Lake Charles they left the interstate and entered Westlake, Louisianna. Following his directions she pulled into a gravel parking area. Stopping the car where he told her she watched as he got out and climbed a set of stairs. Exhaustion swept over her but she couldn’t give in, not yet. It was all she could do to release the steering wheel. Her fingers refused to open. Mentally she forced them to move, crying out in the insueing pain. Opening and closing her hands she fought to get the feeling back in her fingers. She refused to look at her watch, she didn’t want to know just yet how long she had driven.

She watched as he crossed back to the car. He was angry. His stiff walk and loud cursing making his mood obvious. She watched as he yanked the car door open. Dropping into the seat he pointed at the mobile home that was now their home. She didn’t ask what had angered him, she didn’t want to know, and yet she knew before long she would know. Carefully following directions she moved the car. Hopefully soon she would be able to rest, but somehow she doubted it.

in an abusive relationship– there is no making the best of it. If someone is abusing you- get out. There is help available. No one is meant to live without respect, no one is meant to live a life where they are mistreated in any form- get out- there are people, there are places that are there willing, ready and able to help.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

think of it as medicine

She walked into the apartment and looked at the two people inside. The one that had opened the door and the one walking into the room from the kitchen. They were her lifeline in this place. They were her demon. She entered the room, recognizing and at the same time ignoring the expressions on the two faces.  She did not want their pity. But she did know that they knew what she was dealing with and would give her the few moments of refuge that she sought here. Settling onto the cough she sighed. This was not what she had dreamed of, this was not the happy ever after that the movies and books had talked about. This, was a never ending nightmare. Her musings were interrupted when a wine glass was moved into her line of vision. When she looked up at her brother-in-law he smiled gently.

"Think of it as medicine." was all he said as she reached out and took the glass. The deep reddish colored liquid sloshed in the glass. Lifting it to her lips she took that first sip. It burned, oh how it burned as it went down. The warmth of the wine spread with each sip as her worries were washed away. Several glasses later, each one having been poured with the words, 'think of it as medicine' she placed the glass on the table in front of her and stood unsteadily. Grinning goofily she turned to go. She would be okay now, she had fallen to his level.

Opening the door she looked at the steps before her. In her condition going down safely was going to be a challenge. Swaying slightly she reached for the handrail. Slowly and carefully she moved down the steps, giggling as her own thoughts. One foot went down to the first step. Once it was secure, she moved her other foot beside it. This continued one step at a time all the way down. Reaching the bottom without incident she raised her hands in triumph. Turning, she faced the mobile home that she called home. As she staggered across the large drive that was a communal access for both the apartments and mobile homes she passed a fellow resident. Grabbing her neighbor by the arm she began telling her a joke almost as old as she herself was. Chuckling at her own brilliance and comedic talent she staggered away, ignoring her neighbor's shaking in laughter. Not caring whether the neighbor was laughing at or with her. Nothing mattered at this moment.

Entering the mobile home she made her way slowly over to the kitchen table. Dragging a chair out she went to sit down near the window. Missing the chair she sat heavily on the floor. Laughing at her own clumsiness she lay her head on the seat of the chair. That was the moment the tears began.

how long..could she bear this??

. She watched him from the shadows as he drank. She had long ago quit wondering how one could consume that much alcohol and still be moving. It was obvious that his body had become so accustomed to the alcohol that he had grown immune to its effects. He was well on his way to finishing his second case of beer, he would soon be very mean. She knew, how well she knew what was coming. If only there was some way to hide away until he passed out. But that was not to be.

She watched as he tried again to stack cans only to knock them down, scattering them across the floor. Turning up the can he drained the one he held, slamming in onto the table in front of him. Before she could move back farther into the shadows of the next room he looked up. Spying her standing there his face twisted into an ugly grimace. Trying to stand he stumbled against the table. Sitting down hard, the chair rocked backward, then settled again on the floor. Reaching down into the cooler at his side he brought out his last beer. Popping the top he turned it up. She watched as his throat worked as he swallowed the remaining beer. Bringing the can away from his lips he opened his eyes and watched her, without warning he drew back and threw the can in her direction. Quick reflexes learned from other moments like this had her moving back out of the can's path just in time. From behind the doorway she heard him stumbling to his feet. The sound of the chair scraping against the floor and then the thud of him falling had her moving. Any time he fell he came up inraged and she was always his handy punching bag.

As she made her way toward the window, the only available escape she her the sound behind her. She had heard that sound before, the sound of a gun being cocked. Turning her head to look behind her the hurricane lamp on the table beside her exploded into a thousand shards. Turning away she ran toward the window. It mattered not that they were on the second floor, she had to get away. Before she had taken more than a couple of steps the second hurricane lamp exploded. She could taste the fear, he had pulled a gun on her before, but never actually shot at her. This was something entirely new and terrifying. Reaching the open window she dove through onto the roofthe attached carport. Grabbing a large branch of a nearby fig tree she climbed down to the ground. She was running the moment her feet hit the ground. Disappearing into the darkness of the darkness of the night.

The back yard of the apartment had several trees and shrubbery growing creating a perfect hiding place. Crawling into a space under a large bush she waited and watched. She knew the back door was unlocked as she was the one that always locked it last thing before going to bed. Once he passed out she could get back in. She knew he would never remember what he had done. If he remembered any part of it, he would apologize profusely, swear it would never happen again. He would pleade and cry and promise. And she would accept it, let it go and continue on. She wondered as she sat there on the cold ground, listening to the sound of the night around her how much of this she could bear. How long would she last before he managed to hurt her badly in some way. She wondered now, if he would end up killing her before it was over with. She felt the lone tear, it was all she would allow, as it slipped out and ran down her cheek. She was so far from home, there was no one to help her. How long, could she bear this?

All around us there are people in abusive relationships- if you are one- you do not need to stay. There are places-- there are people who can and will help you. No one is meant to be another's punching bag- whether physically, emotionally, verbally--. Do not let anyone tell you that no one will ever care for you. Do not let anyone tell you that it is your fault that they do what they do. It is not. If you are in danger, if you are in an abusive relationship-- get out, get help. You deserve better, you deserve happiness.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your love that never ends

It never ends

Your love

flowing the well of Your heart

overflowing onto us

those You created

special to You

meant to walk with You

commune with You

but separated from You

by a nature of sin


Your love

never ends

You walked with man from the beginning

You have lead us along many paths

with us, guiding us, instructing

even as man turned Your words to what they are not

You continued to love

so much, Your love is so much

that You sent Your son, Your only son

to us

a gift to us, of mercy, of forgiveness

because of Your love


that never ends

You watched as He walked

taught, healed, forgave

You watched as man, Your creation

turned on Your son, Your only Son

beating, abusing, murdering Him

by hanging Him on that tree

even as You knew, this must be

out of love

sin's price had to be paid

You turned away, at the moment

He took it all upon Himself

as His blood flowed out from Himself

onto those who come

in understanding, in realization

out of love

Your love

that never ends

we come


we come


we come

in repentance

turning away from earthly ways

turning to You

turning to Your love

that never

never, ends

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Blessed in His Promises

Monday, December 27, 2010

snow kitty

How can one do this?

There was a great amount of excitment in the arrival of the snow. As we celebrated Christmas with family snow and where it was falling when, was an ongoing topic of conversation. When walking home I noticed that it was raining I will admit to disappointment. When that soft rain changed over to snow, my inner child was overjoyed. Even if it was late in the afternoon, even if it was too dark to watch it fall, it was snowing on Christmas Day. I knew exactly what I was looking forward to as soon as the sun came up the next day.

When the sun came up on a beautiful snow-blanketed landscape I prepared for my day. Collecting up my cold weather clothing, camera, phone and walking stick I headed for the woods. Walking in the still falling snow, viewing the transformed woods into a magical kingdom of icecicles and drifting snowflakes I watched my step as I watched for wildlife. While all the usual animals of the woods stayed tucked away somewhere warm I took shot after shot of the snow. Surprized that it was warmer than I had expected I was able to stay out longer than I thought I would. Even sliding part way down a hill and stepping into hidden holes I was having a blast. No matter how responsible an adult we may be, our inner child never fully grows up and something as simple as a Christmas snow can bring them out in all their mischievous glory. After I had walked all over the woods, up and down several dirt roads and across several yards I knew what I wanted --no-- had to do. I was going to talk someone into going down the road to the river with me. My inner child is mature enough to know better than to go places away from home alone.

My son James agreed to go with me. As soon as he had his own boots on we cleaned off the windows of my suv and headed out. The river is less than five minutes frm the house so we arrived quickly. My fears that I would not be able to get into the parking area created for those wishing to go canoeing was unfounded as the road in and the parking area were cleared. Parking we gathered up my camera gear and opened the doors. As soon as we did we heard it. The most pitiful crying. It only too a couple of moments before we saw he crossing the snow to us. A kitten at best nine weeks old- not much more- abandoned. There were tire tracks in the small amount of snow in the parking area when we arrived but that didn't mean much. All I knew was that we could not leave this baby out in the cold and snow. While James carried the kitten that had immediately snuggled down into his arms I managed to take a few photographs. I stayed in the public access area and along the roadway. Getting back into my suv I looked over at my son and the kitten wondering what we were going to do now. I have cats, I don't need nor do I really want another one. We were..are.. going to have to find a home for this pretty little one. All I could think of was 'how could someone do this? How could they dump a helpless animal?'

We got her home and explained everything to my husband who agreed that we couldn't have left her. That would have been too cruel being that she had trusted us enough to come running when we arrived. Once fed and warm her personality began to really come out. Curious as any kitten can be, but more loving than any cat I've ever seen. She knew who to snuggle up to as she spent the better part of the evening curled up next to my husband. Loving attention she does not like to be left alone. She will seek you out. She is getting along with my other cats, but it is an uneasy peace as my cats are not accustomed to sharing attention, food or sleeping space with strangers. I have posted her photo and how we come to find her on facebook and received several ideas on how to maybe find her a home or someone who may be able to help. She deserves a family that will love her as much as she can and will love them.

Here it is Monday and there is still a covering a snow on the ground. My husband has gone to work and I am out for a week's vacation. I am hoping that I can find this precious baby a home. Its obvious that she had a family in how friendly she is, how quickly she made herself at home and is litterbox trained. She's in need of a permanent home, but as for now, she's out of the cold and no longer hungry and that counts for something..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

on this day, the greatest of gifts was given

It is quiet so far. The only sound is the humming of the space heater and a radio playing softly in the other room. Few lights are on, allowing the lights on the tree to shine, dancing in the semi-darkness. I am so far the only one moving about in the house. Just as it was last night as I wrapped the gifts. I love times like this, it allows for introspection. Quiet time to reflect, to relax, to hear form my Lord.

This is a celebration of His day.

I am unashamed in my Christianity. Yet I will not force it on anyone. Yes, most of my poetry is inspirational..words of praise from my heart, praising, acknowledging or beseeching my Savior and Lord. Free here to be read or not.

I do buy gifts to pass on to family. Small things, trinkets of acknowledgement of my love for them. Small things, material things that will not last. Unlike that dark night, far away, in a stable where the greatest gift ever was placed. A gift that will last through eternity and beyond. Never changing, never withdrawing from those that are His.

I spend hours watching as gifts are opened, shown off and enjoyed. Remembering the shepherds and magi that came to see the new born king. Watching as young and old tell of what they were given, thinking of the shepherds that ran to tell what they had seen. The greatest gift.

I will soon begin cooking my portion of the Christmas dinner. A family sitting around a few tables, sharing a wonderful meal, food for the body to continue on. On that night, so far away, a child was born.. the greatest gift given to feed the souls of dying mankind. Lost, sinful, in need of what only this gift, this new born king could give. Born to teach, to instruct, to heal, to save.

Its quiet right now, just before everything begins. Just as I imagine it was quiet that night as Mary suffered through the pains of childbirth. Joseph at her side while the animals watched nearby. At the child's first cry, the angels burst forth, filling the heavens singing of the miracle, singing of this child's arrival. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus, born on this night, born to be the greatest gift ever given.

I wish to you my friends one and all- a very Merry Christmas. I wish you blessings and miracles. I wish for you, all the best, and the strength and perseverance to deal with any storms that may come. May your homes and life be filled with the warmth of love and music of laughter. May your heart be filled with the joy that this day brings. May your gifts, be the gifts that will last through eternity and beyond.

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Blessed in His Promises

Thursday, December 23, 2010

always with me

I know You

for You walk with me

always close

never leaving

never away

You are here

I know You

for You called to me

that morning so bright

speaking to me,

whispering in my heart

I am here

offering to You this gift

a gift, my present, of my presence

in your life

I heard You

pondering these things I listened

and I turned to You

leaving the darkness

into Your light

even as the storms still come

they are but a driving force

sending me closer to You

seeking Your guidance

seeking Your comfort

knowing You are here

with me, always

never leaving me

never abandoning me

to what comes

You call to me

when the winds begin to blow

when the storms form on the horizon

You call to me

drawing me closer to You

sheltering me

You see me, when I grow weary

when the battles and struggles become hard

You call to me

lifting from my shoulders the burden

giving me, drawing me into, Your rest

giving to me, renewed strength

to continue

walking in Your light

with You

for You are here

with me, always

never leaving

never abandoning

You speak to me,

encouraging me. teaching me

being always

with me

in You, with You

I am unafraid

even at my weakest, I am strong

You take the fears

and give me courage

with me, You are with me


in You, with You

I have joy

in my moments of sadness and pain

You see my tears

taking them from me

You fill my heart with Your light

fill my heart with Your song

in You, I have a joy

that no man can steal

in You, with You


I hear You Lord

I will walk with You

as You with me

always with me

never leaving

never leaving

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @

and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

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Blessed in His Promises

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and Your peace will reign forever-

In this dawning time, I stand watch

waiting, ever waiting

ready, for what is to come

patient, yet impatient

come Lord Jesus

Your fields are ripe, even as we plant seed

hoping, for those that hear

wishing, for those that see

an understanding

You are love magnified

peace and assurance is a part of Your gift to us

forgiveness is Your blessing

You have paid the price so long ago

and you offer this freely still

to those that will accept

even in this time, as the darkness spreads

so many, fooled, so many tempted

as so many fear speaking out for You

Your words have been twisted

Your message changed by many

to suit their own agenda, not Yours

too many, are the thorns that choke out Your message

Come Lord Jesus

even as we seek to plant new seed in Your name

to offer Your love and Your hope

to those that will hear and understand

to those that will come to You

accepting the gift that You offer

we stand, I stand, watching

ever ready, ever waiting

knowing, as this time winds down

as the days run out

ever waiting we watch

knowing, in our heart, knowing in Spirit

Your morning comes

we will be ever forever with You

and Your peace will reign forever

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @

and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

and other online sites

also @ Bookin' It, your mobile bookstore @

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Blessed in His Promises

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You are my rest

I rest

in my belief in You

Struggles come, on a day to day schedule

they wait, for when least expected

and they come

as the storm comes in summer

gathering strength just past the horizon

to come, surrounding

the thunder rumbles from the distance

a warning of its approach

but too late, there is no where to run

but to You

and You stand ready, waiting

with open arms for Your children

I rest in You

When the winds blow strong and cold

bringing the rains or snow

and I shiver against the suffering brought

I remember

as the rains fall harshly down

streaking my face, puddling about my feet

I remember

that You wait ready and able

with arms open wide to accept

You are my sanctuary against the storm

I run to You

When the clouds obscure the sun

and the lightening flashes brightly

leaving the smell of sulfur in the air

when I shiver from the fear of its power

I remember

nothing is more powerful, than You

as the storm rages around me

threatening and intense

I remember

You stand ready and willing

with arms outstretched in welcoming

You are the fortress against the storm

drawing me to You

bringing me to You

and safe Harbor

I know, how I know

when the storm blows strong

You are stronger

when the winds and rains come

You are my shelter

when I grow weak, weary from the battle

You are my rest

in You Lord, in You

my All and All

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @

and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

and other online sites

also @ Bookin' It, your mobile bookstore @

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Blessed in His Promises

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Name is Rebecca..and the joke's on me--

Slowly, every so slowly I reach out to the door handle, feeling the cold metal against my fingers I almost back out. Fear, the fear is so strong I can taste it. A metallic nastiness that fills my mouth and rests on my tongue. I struggled to swallow as I fought the internal emotional roller coaster. My chest grew tight, unable to swallow now unable to breath. Lack of oxygen had me feeling faint. I had to go in, there was no other way. Gently I turned the handle, hoping against hope that the door would open silently. With a barely audible click the door was unlatched, but when I carefully, slowly pushed it made the most horrendous creaking, squeaking, squealing noise I have ever heard a door make. My entrance had been thoroughly announced. Horrified I looked to see every head was turned and every eye in the place was on me. Grinning sheepishly, I ducked my head and eased into the room.

"Welcome!! Welcome!" boomed a voice from somewhere toward the front. I did not look as I frantically tried to find an empty seat as far back at the back as I could. Moving to the metal folding chair I went to sit only to have the thing fold up under me. Hitting my head on the chair, I landed hard on the floor. If only I could just die right here.. if only I could dissolve into a puddle and disappear into a crack in the floor. But there was no such thing happening now. Feeling the hands tightening around my arms I allowed the assistance in standing. Once the chair was back open I carefully eased onto it. I didn't look as I felt one last pat on the back and then all was quiet again.

As the speaker began talking again I wasn't listening, inside my head the words rang over and over again. "I can't do this, I can not do this, why am I here? I can not do one can make me do this.." Realizing the room was silent and filled with something akin to expectancy I lifted my head just enough that I could see through my bangs. Everyone was once again looking at me.

"Can't do what?" asked the person who was obviously the leader of this meeting.

OUT LOUD????????? Yes, I was no definitely going to die now . I had said all of that out loud. I did not have to see my face to know that it was about as deep of a red that anything could ever attempt to accomplish. Forget red as an apple, forget red as a firetruck, forget red as a pickled was red to the umpth degree. I was doomed.

"Um..I uh, well--" geesh, where did I learn public speaking, in a drunk tank? Okay fine, I had already embarrassed myself beyond redemption, I might as well go the whole nine yards and finish this. Standing I faced the room, refusing to look anyone in the eye I stared at a spider busily spinning a web in the corner of the room, just over the open window. Taking a deep breath I exhaled and began.

"My name is Rebecca...." I waited through the chorus of greetings, determined to finish what I had finally began. When the room was again quiet I continued, "My name is Rebecca.......' breathe, exhale, deep breath.." I move boxes." There. I had said it. I glanced around the room quickly before returning my stare to the ceiling. I had seen no condemnation, no judgment, nothing that would say they thought me dirty. I could do this after all.

"I think it began slowly, when I first took that job, way back over 20 years ago. I had to make sure I had my supplies as there was no utility person. It wasn't difficult, moving a box every now and again, besides, they were light. Barely a hundred pounds at most." I looked down at my hands, flexing my fingers, "I learned quickly how to use a pair of handtrucks efficiently, before I realized it, I was moving boxes on a regular basis. Especially when I earned that promotion. It was so much easier to just grab the handtrucks and move the boxes myself rather than try and hunt down utility people who could be just about anywhere. Before I knew it was I moving boxes up to and above 300 pounds. I had the maneuver down- grab, adjust, deep breath pull and bend. I was even arrogant with it, gloating and smirking at the looks of stunned amazement at my abilities. I was good. I failed though to consider that I had an enemy, and that enemy was time. Day after day I continued to move boxes, small boxes, big boxes, boxes that were barely boxes. I moved them all. When ever anyone needed something in a box, I moved it. When ever the box was for some unknown reason too heavy for me to break back, I would reluctantly call for assistance, but then I'd wave them away and move the box. It was mine- I'd do it myself. When the utility man would get behind for what ever reason, I'd grab the handtrucks and start helping. Breaking back boxes that I should have never considered moving, but I did. Then.." I hesitated, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Opening my eyes I looked around me. "then, came the day that I pulled back a box, then decided to try and make sure it had all the proper labels, something I should have done first. I lost my grip on the box and it went crashing to the floor. Product went everywhere. I was very thankful it wasn't something like eggs or fine china or explosives. Shoot, explosives would have saved me from this. But, I cleaned up my mess, fixed the box and broke it back..I moved it to the strapper to be made ready for shipping. But something was wrong- I knew it. I had to finally admit that all of the warnings I had ignored for years, all of those need to be careful, let the men do it, you shouldn't they should leave that alone-had finally came to be. I was hurt. and too dang proud to admit it. Now I am- I am here to say.. my name is Rebecca...and I push boxes..and I'm ready to stop."

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @

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Blessed in His Promises

Do they know

What gift is this, given today?

resting peacefully

in a manger filled with hay

a babe, a babe

born here

as the angels sing

and the shepherds come

bowing in honor

walking away, forever changed

after gazing upon, this gift

a babe, born today

do they know, as they kneel

do they know, as they look

upon this child

the gift they are seeing?

this babe

wrapped in swaddling

this babe, born today

resting, on a manger

filled with hay

Mary and Joseph watch

the things that go on

in the stable, the only place found

for this babe

this gift, to be born

do they know?

this child, born to be


is King of Kings, Lord of Lords

this child, born today

gift to the world

born to save man

from the sin man has within

do they know

do they know

this babe, resting in a manger

gift to the world

born to live, born to teach

to bring the message

to pay the price

no one else can pay

this babe, this gift

do they know?

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The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

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Blessed in His Promises

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Babe

Crossing a land, harsh

traveling by foot, by donkey

traveling, in response to law

they walk, they ride

crossing a land, two among many

back to the land of birth

back, to be counted they travel

two among many, two to become three

as the one so heavily expecting

a birth to come soon

Crossing a land they find

no room

there is no room for them

turned away time and again they search

as the time draws ever near

she complains not as he seeks a place

for them to rest

there is no room, no room for them

but one offer comes


after crossing a land, harsh

a stable warm, animals moved aside

a babe is born

a soft, tender cry heard

in the night skies above

angels sing, shouting Hosanna


born is the King

filling the sky the heavenly host

calm the startled shepherds

proclaiming His birth

go to see, go they said, to see

the King

born on this night

resting in a manger

sleeping, wrapped in swaddling

protected and loved

in the midst of a harsh land

as the angels sang

the shepherds hurried away

to see

this King

a babe that lay sleeping


as the angels sang


Mary and Joseph

watched it all

by the light of the heavenly star

holding these in their heart

as the angels sang

and the wise men came

bearing gifts

to a child born

on this Jerusalem night

in the midst of a harsh land

a babe sleeps

a King, born of lowly birth

come to save


Christ Jesus, Son of God

King of Kings

Son of Man, has come

as the angels sang

Hallelujah, Hosanna


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Blessed in His Promises