Monday, December 20, 2010

Do they know

What gift is this, given today?

resting peacefully

in a manger filled with hay

a babe, a babe

born here

as the angels sing

and the shepherds come

bowing in honor

walking away, forever changed

after gazing upon, this gift

a babe, born today

do they know, as they kneel

do they know, as they look

upon this child

the gift they are seeing?

this babe

wrapped in swaddling

this babe, born today

resting, on a manger

filled with hay

Mary and Joseph watch

the things that go on

in the stable, the only place found

for this babe

this gift, to be born

do they know?

this child, born to be


is King of Kings, Lord of Lords

this child, born today

gift to the world

born to save man

from the sin man has within

do they know

do they know

this babe, resting in a manger

gift to the world

born to live, born to teach

to bring the message

to pay the price

no one else can pay

this babe, this gift

do they know?

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