Monday, December 27, 2010

snow kitty

How can one do this?

There was a great amount of excitment in the arrival of the snow. As we celebrated Christmas with family snow and where it was falling when, was an ongoing topic of conversation. When walking home I noticed that it was raining I will admit to disappointment. When that soft rain changed over to snow, my inner child was overjoyed. Even if it was late in the afternoon, even if it was too dark to watch it fall, it was snowing on Christmas Day. I knew exactly what I was looking forward to as soon as the sun came up the next day.

When the sun came up on a beautiful snow-blanketed landscape I prepared for my day. Collecting up my cold weather clothing, camera, phone and walking stick I headed for the woods. Walking in the still falling snow, viewing the transformed woods into a magical kingdom of icecicles and drifting snowflakes I watched my step as I watched for wildlife. While all the usual animals of the woods stayed tucked away somewhere warm I took shot after shot of the snow. Surprized that it was warmer than I had expected I was able to stay out longer than I thought I would. Even sliding part way down a hill and stepping into hidden holes I was having a blast. No matter how responsible an adult we may be, our inner child never fully grows up and something as simple as a Christmas snow can bring them out in all their mischievous glory. After I had walked all over the woods, up and down several dirt roads and across several yards I knew what I wanted --no-- had to do. I was going to talk someone into going down the road to the river with me. My inner child is mature enough to know better than to go places away from home alone.

My son James agreed to go with me. As soon as he had his own boots on we cleaned off the windows of my suv and headed out. The river is less than five minutes frm the house so we arrived quickly. My fears that I would not be able to get into the parking area created for those wishing to go canoeing was unfounded as the road in and the parking area were cleared. Parking we gathered up my camera gear and opened the doors. As soon as we did we heard it. The most pitiful crying. It only too a couple of moments before we saw he crossing the snow to us. A kitten at best nine weeks old- not much more- abandoned. There were tire tracks in the small amount of snow in the parking area when we arrived but that didn't mean much. All I knew was that we could not leave this baby out in the cold and snow. While James carried the kitten that had immediately snuggled down into his arms I managed to take a few photographs. I stayed in the public access area and along the roadway. Getting back into my suv I looked over at my son and the kitten wondering what we were going to do now. I have cats, I don't need nor do I really want another one. We were..are.. going to have to find a home for this pretty little one. All I could think of was 'how could someone do this? How could they dump a helpless animal?'

We got her home and explained everything to my husband who agreed that we couldn't have left her. That would have been too cruel being that she had trusted us enough to come running when we arrived. Once fed and warm her personality began to really come out. Curious as any kitten can be, but more loving than any cat I've ever seen. She knew who to snuggle up to as she spent the better part of the evening curled up next to my husband. Loving attention she does not like to be left alone. She will seek you out. She is getting along with my other cats, but it is an uneasy peace as my cats are not accustomed to sharing attention, food or sleeping space with strangers. I have posted her photo and how we come to find her on facebook and received several ideas on how to maybe find her a home or someone who may be able to help. She deserves a family that will love her as much as she can and will love them.

Here it is Monday and there is still a covering a snow on the ground. My husband has gone to work and I am out for a week's vacation. I am hoping that I can find this precious baby a home. Its obvious that she had a family in how friendly she is, how quickly she made herself at home and is litterbox trained. She's in need of a permanent home, but as for now, she's out of the cold and no longer hungry and that counts for something..

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