Thursday, December 9, 2010

discount-discount-discount-and way to help Relay for Life

This is a copy of an email I just sent out, gifting my friends and their friends, a discount--as I attempt one of these sales contests one more time:

This is the link to my storefront on

The link will take you to where you can find a description of all three of my books and even purchase them should you choose.

I have signed up for the December sales contest- doing so gives me the opportunity to tell you my friends that if you purchase my books thru Lulu, and at checkout use the promo code PEARTREE You will save 10% on your purchase thru December.

Just offering a reminder that books make great and lasting gifts..Blessed and Blessed in His Promises are collections of inspirational poetry. They bless the heart and simply make you feel good-

The Legend of Dragon's Doom is technically a young adult novel- but it is a novel that the entire family can read and enjoy. It is mystery, adventure, magic and has its twists and turns and an ending that warms the heart- Book two of the series is in the works, watch for The Legend of Dragon's Doom: Wizard's Moon --

For every book that sells I will donate a portion to the American Cancer Society and relay for life- If anyone would want to have a book signing/reading/ public speaking event, I'm game for that as well- same offer goes, a portion of book sales will go to relay for life- because cancer touches us all-

Tell your friends, tell you enemy, tell your much loved in-laws and annoying out-laws. Tell your co-workers and your neighbor down the street- anyone that may be interested, the discount is good for anyone and everyone..

Remember, to get the 10% discount, use the promo code PEARTREE at checkout..

Thank you my friends

be warm, be blessed


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