Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A child is born


A gift like none other was given

few realized the importance

of what to most was an every day, nothing special event

a child is born

How could this be special

this day on which a child was born

how could this child be special

born of such lowly birth


born in the night, born in a stable

no special child would be born this way

would they?

how could this child, be a gift to man?

a small whimper as the babe sleeps

as the animals watch, as his mother tends to him

there is nothing special here

is there?

on a hill not so far away, shepherds gather round

keeping watch on their flocks

as suddenly the sky is filled with heavenly host

angels singing praises, the sound resounding off the hillside

as the shepherds tremble at the sight

they are told 'fear not'

this is a special night, a child is born

as they rush to see this child

resting in a manger

as his mother tenderly caresses his cheek

and the animals watch nearby

this child

cannot be special, can he

born this lowly birth

in a stable

sleeping in a manger

as the animals watch

a special child would be sleeping comfortably

tucked away in the best of rooms in the inn

wouldn't he?

King of kings, born a simple birth

born to live a simple life

so that man will know, for all times know

that He understands

the suffering and the pain

the struggles and the hunger

of the simple man

living the simple life.

A child is born----

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