Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You are my rest

I rest

in my belief in You

Struggles come, on a day to day schedule

they wait, for when least expected

and they come

as the storm comes in summer

gathering strength just past the horizon

to come, surrounding

the thunder rumbles from the distance

a warning of its approach

but too late, there is no where to run

but to You

and You stand ready, waiting

with open arms for Your children

I rest in You

When the winds blow strong and cold

bringing the rains or snow

and I shiver against the suffering brought

I remember

as the rains fall harshly down

streaking my face, puddling about my feet

I remember

that You wait ready and able

with arms open wide to accept

You are my sanctuary against the storm

I run to You

When the clouds obscure the sun

and the lightening flashes brightly

leaving the smell of sulfur in the air

when I shiver from the fear of its power

I remember

nothing is more powerful, than You

as the storm rages around me

threatening and intense

I remember

You stand ready and willing

with arms outstretched in welcoming

You are the fortress against the storm

drawing me to You

bringing me to You

and safe Harbor

I know, how I know

when the storm blows strong

You are stronger

when the winds and rains come

You are my shelter

when I grow weak, weary from the battle

You are my rest

in You Lord, in You

my All and All

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