Monday, August 29, 2011

my heart's dream

I will never be the most wise

but that is not I want

for with wisdom

comes great responsibility

I will never be the most wealthy

but that is not what I want

for with wealth

comes the responsibility and the lack of trust

of all who approach

I will never be the most beautiful

but that is not what I want

for with beauty

can come vanity

with great beauty

can come the abuse of others

I will never be the strongest

but that is not what I want

for with strength

can come the abuse of power

can come the mistreatment of others

I will never be famous

but that is not what I want

for with fame comes responsibility

for there are those that watch the actions of the well known

to be a role model

wanted or not

What I want, what I have

is a dream

to share the things of my heart

in the manner of which I am driven

whether it is through the images on my camera

whether it is through the words on the page

what I have, what drives me

is a dream

and I will not let it go

allow it to go

for it is my heart

Sunday, August 28, 2011

getting there is half the fun

 A friend's blog just brought back a humorous memory of a vacation trip that we took and what happens when you ask directions.

We had been taking family vacations at the Outer Banks of NC. I love the barrier islands, the peace, the beauty, the quiet that can be found out on those islands. But my men wanted more. They wanted rides and games and action. Being that I was out voted we decided to take a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My husband had been there years before. I had never been and he thought that it was high time I went to the popular vacation spot. He just knew that James would love it there. So the plans and reservations were made. I got a map and directions from online mapping sites. I neatly put these into a notebook so that I could easily find and follow them. We packed up and headed out. Everyone was excited, we were going to the beach where excitement waited.

My husband was positive he remembered the way. Even though it had been well over a dozen years since he had been he knew he could get there without a problem. He thought wrong.

We were following the directions from online when my husband at one point decided that the directions were wrong. He decided to go the way he thought was right. Off we go down this road not listed in the directions. After we had driven for miles he decided that something wasn't right. So we stop at the first convenience store we come up on. James and I go in and I ask directions. The gentleman working inside smiles, it was obvious we were not the first lost souls to grace his business. He points us in what he says is the right direction and wishes us a good day. James and I get back in the car and pointed in the right direction we are off again.

After we had been driving a while, back on the right track with every road showing up in the directions my husband decides that a road we had come up on was a better route than the directions were giving us. I tried to tell him, begged him actually to stay on route but he knew better. One right turn later we are barreling down a road that was beginning to look frightening. He finally pulls into this back country looking store with a wooden front, a screen door and an old coke machine that had James looking at it totally bewildered. I was growing afraid, very afraid. Still I asked directions, even asked the gentleman if he would write it down. He did better, he drew a map. As James and I left I thought I heard a chuckle. I hoped it was because we were vacationers lost..not something sinister.

Following the directions we drove, and drove, and drove. It seemed like the road went on forever. Worse was that we were out in the country. There were no stores, no houses, no businesses of any sort. All we were seeing were trees and open fields. Still, we drove on. I tried not to voice my thoughts, but I finally did whisper, "I hope that we haven't been sent on some weird snipe hunt.." Finally after what seemed to be forever we reached the road the men had drawn on the map. Heaving a deep sigh of relief we were back on track.

This road took us to the beach. Eventually. By the time we were on the right road traffic had built up. What we were seeing is a never ending line of tail lights. Tail lights that were moving very very slow. When we finally reached the hotel we were all exhausted. We checked into the hotel, got all of our luggage into the room and realized it had been a very long time since we had eaten. My husband asked me to give him some of the cash we had brought. I looked at him confused...I thought you had it.

We had left ALL of our cash at home. Sitting pretty in an envelope on the kitchen table. A call to my parent's who live next door took care of the cash being deposited back in the bank. A check of the phone book found a branch of our bank in the area. Sixteen blocks away, in that slower than slow moving traffic.. but it was our bank and our vacation would be saved.

They say getting there is half the fun. I'll pass on that part thank you and let my fun start after we arrive..

When the lonliness strikes

My husband is a long haul truck driver. His job takes him away from home a lot. I have learned how to do many things on my own. One thing that is difficult to do though is deal with those moments when I miss him terribly. Usually I head for the place where I find my peace and balance. Today was no different. When the ache became almost unbearable I grabbed my camera and headed off into the woods.

I have known for a long time, but I get a renewed understanding of how healing and peaceful this place is. There are no mountains reaching skyward, no thundering waterfalls falling creating amazing sights and sounds. The wild life here is the ordinary deer, racoon, opposum, there are no bears hanging out, no moose or buffalo wandering the area. What is here, are the things that I find that touch my heart and that I find great beauty in. The fact they may not be majestic, does not make them any less wonderful.

a wildflower growing on the banks of the pond. I watched as the dragonfly played and danced all around. I watched for a while feeling the healing begin. Then I moved on along my walk. I can up on a large yellow and black garden spider also called a 'writing spider' that was aggitated about something. I had never witnessed something I had been told about until today. When these spiders feel threatened they bounce the web. This one must have been very unhappy because the spider, the web and weeds all around were dancing.
Not something I want to upset thank you very much. After watching this dance for a few moments and realizing that my presence was only aggitating this spider more I managed to get past and head off into the woods.

Dodging all of those little spider webs that are stretched across the path I noticed something passing by and landing on a nearby tree leaf.

I slowly and carefully moved around trying to get different angles of this beauty and eventually frightening it away I moved on along the path.

When I reached the power line I made the decision to go...down... the...hill. Going down the hill means going into an area where the weeds grow higher than my head and I know that spiders lurk. But I also knew that there are some wildflowers growing down there that do not grow anywhere else. I also know that hummingbirds and butterfly love this maybe, just maybe..What I found was this:

hummingbird moth

I took so many shots thinking that if I took enough I'd get at least one really good one. I fired off so many shots that the flash on my camera was getting a tad bit warm.

But, my persistence and my determination paid off. As I took photo after photo of this hummingbird moth---this beauty showed up.....

I was so excited that I could hardly believe may not be the sharpest of images but I'm happy with it because this is the first I've captured in the wild.

butterfly taking advantage of the wildflower buffet

A bumble bell enjoying the same buffet

By the time I was headed home I did feel better. I had taken the walk expecting to find the very things that I did. The miracles and gifts of this special place. There may not be any grand vistas, fantastic structures created by the hand of man in this time or previous. But there are the simple gifts of sweet love..and for that I am thankful.

Purify this heart

Here I am Lord, before You on my knees


the pain of my heart intense

yet You know, yes I know, You know

the suffering of my heart

here I am Lord


seeking Your healing peace

seeking, Your precious love

wash over me, cleanse my heart

free me, of the darkness of heart

the emotions that wish me harm

here I am Lord, before You on my knees

stained and soiled, the realization of what I am

weighing me down

forgive me, I pray to You

cleanse me, wash me in Your love

purify this heart of mine

that my ways, will be Yours

my thoughts, my actions, my way

will bring glory to You

here I am Lord, with an understanding

the wrong of my ways

how I do harm in my actions, the words of my mouth

cleanse this heart Lord, fill it with Your wisdom

bathe this heart Lord in Your word

fill my mouth with words of peace, words of love

set my sight on You, allowing me to see

the glory of You around me

amaze me with Your wondrous gifts

more proof of Your love

touch this heart, this weeping heart

ashamed of the stains

wash me Lord, in the blood of Your love

cleanse this heart, make it pure

wash this heart Lord, as the pouring rains washes the lands

wash me in Your word, saturate my heart

purify this heart

so that in all things, large and small

I will reflect You, resemble You

show You in my life

purify this heart, that I may

that in all ways

I will glorify You

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Friday, August 26, 2011

I seek You


Here I am Lord, seeking You

knowing, within my heart

that You are here

knowing, Your love

I come, needing the peace

that only You can give

fully, and without reservation

the storm clouds gather

darkening my sky

I need Your light

I come, seeking Your peace

as the winds grow stronger

as the cold rains fall

I seek You

Your undefeatable sanctuary

You see my tears

brought on by the things around me

this life unstable

I seek Your peace Lord

I seek Your peace

knowing, that You know all

You have seen my battles

witnessed the mistakes I make

the attacks against me

I seek Your peace Lord

Your sweet calming, healing peace

I know, yes I know

I will find that in You

where no storm can touch

no ill winds may blow

I seek Your peace Lord

sweet healing peace

in You

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

early morning

Early morning


a new day awakening


awakening to find


of what the night dealt.

early morning

some will rise, stretch

grumble and complain-another day

some will rise

pull back the curtains and smile

another day

early morning

there are some who cry

for a loss, expected- unexpected

early morning

day's beginning, another day

a gift, waiting to be opened

enjoyed, shared, anticipated

no matter our status

no matter, no matter

another day begins

early morning

quiet, still, trembling

we stand at the window

watching the sunrise

deciding by thoughts

actions and word

how this day will be

early morning

I am thankful

for this day, for the gifts I will find

for all things great and small

for this day is as special as I make it

for the love and the mercy

that made this day that begins

early morning..

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The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

along the way

I walk with You

following Your lead

listening to Your voice

speaking quietly to me

asking me to see, the gifts left

along the way

along the way

I come to an understanding

better understanding

of what it means

a relationship with You

more than prayer

more than reading, spending time

in Your word

I walk with You

and along the way

I find more

along the way

I understand

that it was Your love

God's love

that brought You here

to walk among us, to spend time

with us

along the way

You taught, You healed

You showed the way

along the way

but they did not hear

did not understand

even as it was meant to be

had to be

as You paid the price

yet death could not hold You

as You rose and left the tomb

the borrowed tomb

that could not keep You

along the way

You spoke with many

at the side of the Father You wait

yet You are with me

along the way

I make my way

to You

with You

learning as I go

listening as I go

walking with You

along the way

realizing that You have forgiven

You have bought me

cleansed me

along the way

all along the way

You have loved me

now I know

now I understand

what it means

this relationship thing

with You

as we travel

along the way

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and now also at

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The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

walking those left turns

What a day...While at work,I was trying to keep up with hurricane Irene and where she is headed and then, unknown to me we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. While the area shook and shimmied I worked on in ignorance. After work I took care of an errand and then happily headed home.

Once home I found out that hurricane Irene may actually miss us and that the earthquake was mostly show in this area. Both of which I was happy to find out. To celebrate I decided to start my walk a bit early.

It started out normally. Gather all my gear and start down the path, walk briskly around the pond a couple of laps and then across the field. On the other side I saw that the caterpillars that I had discovered on a bush had pretty much devoured the leaves and had all dispersed. Disappearing to parts known only to them. Two of the near my path spider webs were in tack, but I didn't see the spiders anywhere. The third web had been almost entirely torn down. I couldn't see either of the spiders anywhere. Knowing I was about to push my way through dense brush made me uncomfortable wondering where the spiders were. There is also a very large, unhappy looking praying mantis along the way who watches my every move until I have passed and moved on.

I got through all of this and up the hill without problem. Making my usual left turn I made my way through the woods. Reaching the power lines that crossed the Dirt Road I wandered about looking at flowers and searching for spiders. Wandering back up the hill I started across. About two thirds of the way across I suddenly had a really bright (?) idea. I took another left and started down the hill. Once I had gotten so far down the weeds were so tall that they were towering over my head. Still I forced my way forward. I was rewarded by finding wildflowers that only grow down here closer to the creek. While I don't know the identity of the flowers, I know that the butterfly and hummingbirds love them. I was happily wandering about taking pictures making my way down toward the creek when something moved quickly causing me to stop cold. The size of a ping pong ball, it had to be one of the biggest black and yellow garden spiders that I have ever seen. Running along its web the golf ball sized spider stopped and became still. I too, had grown still as I watched this spider the size of a tennis ball watching me. I debated on ducking under the web and moving on, but the spider...was still watching. Without hesitation I detoured around and trekked through the woods. I much preferred to suffer a little discomfort pushing through high weeds than worry about the softball size spider that was still watching me.

Once I was past the spider I continued on toward the creek. Along the way I found blue wildflowers and then a yellow and white bloom that was just beginning to fade. There was, however a bud waiting to open. I didn't go all the way to the creek but I did get close. I changed my course and started around and back up. Once I was almost a third of the way up I decided to make another left and cross over to where I knew one of the neighbors had made a path for their dirt bikes. As I crossed through the weeds I found more unique wildflowers that I had to stop and photograph.

Finally on the path I started up the hill. I should have brought climbing gear, or an elevator. I did make my way up the hill only to be blinded by the afternoon sun going down. Reaching the Dirt Road finally I decided to quickly check for butterfly or bees on the plants I knew were beginning to bloom on the other side. I didn't have to go very far before I could see, there was not a single butterfly anywhere. Turning back I reached the Dirt Road and made yet another left turn toward home. I stopped only briefly at a neighbors to show off some of the photos I managed to take and then I was back on my way toward the house.

By the time I was stepping back through the front door I had been gone for over two hours. Double my walking time with a lot more exertion. I vaguely remember there is an expression something about nothing worth having comes easy...For two hours I had walked, I had slipped, I had stumbled. I had fought briar, giant spiders and had moments of excitement over wildflowers. For two hours I had forgotten about work, about earthquakes and hurricanes and unavoidable altercations. I'm always so amazed at the gifts that are out there waiting for us. The gifts of beauty, peace, excitement in experiencing moments of up close dealing with something that you may not be all that fond of. An escape from the earthly into the welcoming presence of love. Just one more reason my walks are so special to me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

safe in You

There are the times Lord

when my heart grows weary

this body tired of the struggle

I long for relief

I desire rest

from the battle that is fought

to make it through the day by day

body and spirit groan under the burdens

struggling along this rutted path of life

yet this burden, this cross I bear gladly

for I know

I know, that what I need comes from You

You are my peaceful sanctuary

in You, I will find the rest I long for

the peace that this weary heart desires

safe in You

no matter what carries on around me

safe in You

even as the storms rage

for no matter what may happen

whether I will walk longer in this life

or my time is finished

closing my eyes to this place

and opening them with You

I know, in my heart of hearts I know

You are Lord, You are King

in You, I am safe

in You, with You, this heart, will grown no more.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I felt as if this Sunday's message in church was meant at least in part for me. Our Pastor has been discussing in depth the meanings of the beatitudes, today was on mercy. How mercy is the source of forgiveness and forgiveness is the expression of mercy. Mercy should be extended to everyone and not just those we think worthy.

How was this directed to me? At the end of the sermon the Pastor made the comment that it was even for that crazy neighbor...oh, even them? Yes, even them.

Now, let me say right off that I don't mean to imply that my neighbors are crazy-we all have our moments and the incident may have been just one of those moments.

I mention often that I walk and really enjoy those walks. They give me opportunity to relax, get my exercise and capture some pretty interesting photos along the way. When I walk I don my hiking boots, my hip pouch of necessary items, pick up my camera and my walking stick and off I go. I was returning from one of these walks when I passed this neighbor. I assumed that she was going to the place she usually goes and since I had passed there already and knew the person residing there wasn't home I told her, he isn't home. What happened next I was not expecting. She turned on my and went off some deep end. She was cursing and carrying on as if I had just slapped her momma or kicked her dog. Taken aback I stood there for a few minutes listening to her rant and rage. When she demanded to know how I knew she was going there, I admitted that I didn't but..she interrupted to tell me that then I should just mind my own business. I'll admit that right there was when I had taken all I could stand. I told her point bland that since I owned that mobile home it was my business and I didn't want her down there (for various reasons I don't). I did say that if I had to I'd call and have her arrested for trespassing.

You retrospect..I should have just shrugged this person off and walked away to start with instead of going into a verbal altercation with her. Her language got worse.. I think I learned some words that I don't want to know and the air got a bit darker blue and kinda nasty feeling. It gave me the feeling that I really needed a shower.

After I had told her that I could have her arrested for trespassing she threatened to have me arrested for harassment. About that time she was charging me as if to fight. (Now all of this was taking place in front of my brother's house and I was growing concerned that he might hear and being a protective big brother come out and try and get involved..luckily he didn't). As she is charging me I stood my ground watching her approach. (Remember-- I'm leaning on that long walking stick) I never changed my position, I didn't say anything, just watched her come at me. She got just so close and then stopped. Still ranting, still raving, still cursing up an ugly blue streak. She turned and stormed off in the direction she had been going before I dared to try and be neighborly and save her some steps.

I haven't seen this person since this happened. She is living in the mobile home directly in front of my parents, so I know we'll cross paths again..probably as I come back up the dirt road after one of my walks.

This is the person, that I am to show mercy, this is the person I am to I have been forgiven of my many sins. The Pastor also said that even as we extend mercy, that does not mean it will be returned, not from them. But to forgive means to let go..and to let go, brings peace. I'd rather, much rather have God's peace than a self-righteous indignation over what happened..after a while, that grudge gets very heavy to hold.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

in You I trust

I trust Lord, in You

for You have brought me far

from where I once was

I look back, remembering

happy for the light You have placed in my life

overjoyed, to be away from what once was

cleansed and forgiven

of the things I've done

yet, I remember

and I realize

how far, just how far, I have come

from that time

long ago, yet not so long

I trust in You Lord

to guide me along this path

that I walk

to guide me through Your Word

so that I may live a life worthy

that my life, my words and actions

will glorify You

for You are Lord. You are Savior

You have brought me far

but I do remember

the person I once was

the ways I acted, the words I used

the shame of my past

but I know, yes I know

You have taken my life

forgiven my past

washing it away

You have wrapped me in Your love

dressed me in Your peace

here Lord, I am content

here Lord, I am safe

I trust Lord, in You

and in You alone

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @

and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @

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Blessed in His Promises by Rebecca Stepp Revels available at:

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the case of--

Here I am, amateur nature photographer that has grown accustomed to nature's time schedule. I know pretty much when certain flowers are going to be in bloom and when the bee and butterfly will be found busily at work. I have grown accustomed to the best times to walk during certain months. All this to say, where are the butterfly?

Down at the bottom of the hill, across a small field and just to the right grow two different type of flowers that the butterfly love. One grows to be over six to seven feet tall with a large cluster of flowers that can grow to be nearly the size of a soccer ball. I have seen as many as three butterflies at a time on one cluster of flowers. The other grows to be around five feet tall with many stalks separating and growing upward with small purple tassel type flowers covering it. These flowers are all well into their blooming period almost to the point of fading. Usually they are covered in butterfly... but there are no butterfly. None that I have seen anyway.

Today I prepared to go for my usual walk through the woods. I pulled my boots on, got my camera and hip pouch of protective gear, then stepped out and picked up my walking stick. Heading around the house I made my way into the woods. Following the path, I started down the hill. Strolling around the pond I watched as grasshoppers jumped out of the way ahead of me in the high grass. One of the big flowers was growing just outside the fence about halfway around the pond near where a creek flowed into the pond. Still, no butterfly. Crossing the bridge I noticed something odd. Here it was late afternoon and there, just on the he other side of the bridge was a morning glory in full bloom. A late bloomer maybe? Either way, I took a photo and moved on. Passing back through the gate I turned and headed for the field. Crossing the field I looked at the large tall plants. No butterfly anywhere. As I reached where the path would take me up the hill and back into the woods I noticed the ferns moving. Hoping to catch a large grasshopper, katydid or praying mantis I moved closer and then backed up quickly. I'm no fan of spiders especially great big yellow and black garden writing spiders. A couple of photos later I was moving away and up the hill.

Walking through the woods I was watching for any of the critters that I know inhabit the woods, deer,raccoon, squirrel, anything to try and capture with my camera. Stepping out onto where the large powerline crosses the Dirt Road I was looking for what ever caught my eye. Moving among the flowers, taking a picture every now and again I noticed something. There, across the field, was a butterfly on one of those very large flowers. This was the first time I could remember seeing one of those flowers growing here along the powerline.

A word about the power line. The landscape is rolling. The hills can gradually slope downward, or they can suddenly drop off steeply. Briars covered everything in its path. They covered brush, trees dead and alive, large areas of the ground. These briar, shrub brush and honeysuckle vines covered places along the way that were dangerous to make a misstep. There was also the fact that last year someone had come through and cut down all the trees that had been growing under the powerlines. These small, downed tree trunks and branches were a danger to step on.

The butterfly I was watching was on a plant on the far side of the powerline from where I stood, and down at the bottom of a hill. I looked around where I stood thinking well, I think I can make that. I even started walking down the hill. I got part way down and checked to make sure the butterfly was still there. It was still fluttering about the same bush. I was standing above an area that was a solid wall of briars. I gave up, I could not make it that way. Backing up I started back the way I had come. Walking along the powerline I climbed back up the hill I had just come down. Making a quick turn I started shoving my way through briar, wildflowers and over fallen trees. Briars tore at my bare arms, pulled at the camera strap and snagged my jeans. Still I forged onward. I finally reached the section I wanted that I knew would get me down to that flower. A quick check showed me that the butterfly was still there. I quickly started down the hill.

As I pushed my way through the high weeds a spot of color caught my eye. Stopping suddenly I took a step back. There directly in front of me was another very large garden spider. A spider that was definitely not happy I almost trashed its web. I glanced around and decided to leave the web alone as I really didn't want a spider that big mad at me, I started back up the hill. When I got to the top of the hill I looked back once again toward the flower. The butterfly was gone. Shrugging I turned away from the flower and started back up the hill.

I made my way to where the Dirt Road crossed the powerline. A quick glance showed me that there was nothing moving on the other side. No bees, no grasshoppers moving, no butterfly.

I turned and headed for home. I had captured a couple of things with my camera. I would find out whether they were good or not once I got them in the computer. I was tired and disappointed but I haven't given up. Summer has not ended yet, there is still time. I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow, I will see those butterfly making their way through. Gathering on the flowers, dancing on the winds, adding even more delicate color to the fields full of wildflowers. I will have patience, I will watch carefully, I will I know, eventually find those butterfly...and I will capture them with my camera. Until then, I am on the case.. the Case of the missing butterfly..

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grant me Lord

Your peace

fill me, wash me

in peace

that no matter

what comes

I can remain calm

in You

showing You

in me

my life

a life for You

to glorify You

in all I say

all I do


sweet peace

from You