Monday, August 22, 2011

safe in You

There are the times Lord

when my heart grows weary

this body tired of the struggle

I long for relief

I desire rest

from the battle that is fought

to make it through the day by day

body and spirit groan under the burdens

struggling along this rutted path of life

yet this burden, this cross I bear gladly

for I know

I know, that what I need comes from You

You are my peaceful sanctuary

in You, I will find the rest I long for

the peace that this weary heart desires

safe in You

no matter what carries on around me

safe in You

even as the storms rage

for no matter what may happen

whether I will walk longer in this life

or my time is finished

closing my eyes to this place

and opening them with You

I know, in my heart of hearts I know

You are Lord, You are King

in You, I am safe

in You, with You, this heart, will grown no more.

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