Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Your Presence

In my heart, in my life

I feel Your presence

the excitement of Your presence

so very close

walking with me

sharing this walk with me

I feel Your presence

when I stand on the banks of the water

watching the ripples created by the summer breeze

feeling the peace that floods my very being

as I look upon the gifts You have given

reflections in the water remind me

how my life should reflect You

how I hope, how I desire

that my life reflect You

I feel Your presence with me

within my heart, speaking to my heart

Your most Holy Spirit within me

guiding my steps along this way

helping me to recognize in the beauty

the gifts they are

in the never ending sky and all it contains

the stars uncounted, sparkling diamonds in the night

clouds of white, building and dancing across the sky

stretched out on a field of grass I watch

as the birds, butterfly and bee, move from flower to flower

dance on the passing winds

Tears of amazement, tears of gratitude fill my eyes

as I tremble in Your presence

feeling Your glorious presence

the love that You have given me

how You have washed my life clean

I bow before You on bended knee

how I love You Lord, for how You love me

what You have done for me

suffering at the hands of those You came to save

suffering incredible, indescribable pain

Your blood flowing unchecked as You hung,dying on a cross of wood

Your love so great, Your obedience so full

I feel Your presence, with me, within me

as I stand marveling at the gifts You have given

as I stand, marveling

trembling at the feeling flowing within my heart

as I stand in Your presence

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