Saturday, June 2, 2012

All I need

I do not seek fame

for fame does not last

I do not seek wealth

fortunes untold

for they bring about their own problems

You cannot help but wonder

are these true friends

or those seeking to take advantage

of what ever I may have

I do not need nor want

a mansion in the hills

a manor by the bay

a yacht or fleet of cars

nor do I need an entourage

following me about

gushing over silly things

I want a heart filled with compassion

that is not afraid to cry

over the injustices of this world

that is not afraid to love

those that are around me

even those deemed unlovable

I want eyes that see

not only the things of beauty around me

but also the things of the darkness

that I may act

I want hands willing and not afraid to reach out

lifting up my brethren who have stumbled

assisting in simple, or complex ways

however I may

I want hands willing to reach out

to fight for right, to build up, to provide

I want wide, strong shoulders

to help carry a burden for another

to be a place to cry on, rely on

I want a walk that is close and personal

with the One who saved me

a faith strong enough to share

in the way I speak, in the way I walk, in the way I act

that others may see truth and love in action

I want a life that reaches out

caring more for others

less for me and what I may

or may not have

I want a love

that encompasses all

without fail

All I need

I am given

all I need

is to accept.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What is cps-3 and how can you my local friends be involved?

Have you been touched by cancer? Not personally diagnosed, but have a family member, friend, or co-worker who has gone through it. Have you watched them battle through diagnosis, surgery and treatments? Have you tried to be of what ever help that you could, yet wishing you could do more? Have you carried meals, been chauffer, sat by their side- yet still wished you could do more?

Have you participated in a local Relay for Life event by being on a team, maybe even creating your own team? Have you participated in helping to raise money and awareness..but still have that nagging, aggravating wish you could do more feeling?

Have you watched your friends, family, co-worker that is battle as they suffer through? Have you seen their fear? Have you watched as the fight takes so much out of them? As they lose strength, grow sick from the medicines, the chemotherapy treatments or radiation?

Have you watched the family members and friends of the fighter as they worry and do what ever they can to help the fighter? Have you said a prayer for the person you know, still wishing that there was something more you could do to help?

No- we're not playing forty questions- there is a point to that lead in...

Because there is something else that you can do should you wish..Something that I cannot do because I am a cancer survivor.....

Copying directly from the email from the American Cancer Society :

"The 2012 Cancer Prevention Study is just a week away, and we're looking forward to seeing you at CaraMont Health.

As you have heard by now, we are offering a new way to get involved in the fight against cancer, but it will only be taking place at CaraMont Health on June 5th and June 6th..Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3) enrollments will be from 9am-7pm.

Cancer Prevention Study-3 will help researchers at the American Cancer Society and around the world better understand what causes cancer and how to prevent it, and we hope you or those who support your crusade against cancer will consider enrolling.

Who can enroll? If you are willing to commit to the study long term, are between the ages of 30-65, and have never been diagnosed with cancer, we hope you will enroll! (Individuals who choose to enroll do not have to be registered Relay team participants)

If you are a cancer survivor, please help us in telling everyone you know about this one-time historic opportunity to make a difference in the fight against cancer, and encourage those you know to come out and enroll.

To enroll, simply visit

Thank you for your support of the American Cancer Society, and your support of this historical research effort! We look forward to seeing you next week!

For more information, visit call 888.604.5888, or email"

Those of you who know me, know that I am a cancer survivor. In Feb. 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am currently cancer free..thing is before my diagnoses I never thought it would happen to one in my family had ever to my knowledge been diagnosed..I did not fall into any 'categories' where I was at risk. But there it was-cancer, and I had to deal with it. The worst part of it all, the part that I still see in my mind's eye, sneaking in every time I'm caught off guard, is the look in my family's eyes. The sadness, the concern..the fear, that all encompassing, terrified look of someone facing the mortality of someone they care about, or the fact that life is fragile and fleeting and there are no promises. I see my brother's face and how he would not look at me for so long.

While I was undergoing my own treatments I watched friends as they fought. I watched on gentleman grow ever weaker, as he lost an incredible amount of weight. I heard of friends who grew so weak that it was all they could do to get out of bed.

I've watched people do all that they could to help, participating in Relay for Life, raising funds, raising awareness- doing what ever they could to help those they love, to do what ever they can to prevent those they love from ever having to deal with cancer and everything that comes with it.

I have heard people who are already signed up for this study telling that it is not something that will be harassing you on a non-stop in your face manner. Some have only been contacted once in a year's time.

Have you watched family, friends or co-workers battle cancer and wished there was something else you could do to help them? Now there is...


for those you treasure and want to keep around for as long as possible. To find a way to prevent it in the first place..