Monday, August 11, 2014

And the Web has Exploded--Robin Williams gone..

And the Web has exploded

   I'm sure you have heard by now of the death of Robin Williams. The internet has nearly imploded with the news spreading quicker than a western wildfire. He was loved by many, tolerated by many and also disliked by many. It all depended on your own personal taste and preferences. While I personally was not a fan of the language that he used, (but in truth, it was language no different than so many other entertainers use) I could and will not argue his mind blowing talent.
  I remember him as Mork on Happy Days and then co-starring with other talents in Mork and Mindy. His rapid fire wit and imagination making for an incredible viewing experience. I have always been a fan of improvisation, my first taste of that coming from Jonathan Winters and then following the same path, Robin Williams. Mork and Mindy may not have been highly thought of at the time, I don't know and honestly don't care as it was fun, it was silly, it was goofy, it was unpredictable and it was fun. It was Robin Williams being Robin Williams.
  While I'm not a big movie enthusiast I have seen many of his works. His range of style was impressive, his talent, without question. Like him or not, the man could act. He was the rebel that he presented to us in Good Morning Vietnam. He was the genie he did voice over for in Aladdin gifting us with his tremendous ability and creativity. He was and will forever be Peter Pan. He will be our happy thoughts even in the sadness in our heart for his loss.
  It doesn't matter the cause of death, not really. The loss is great for us all. Depression is a serious problem no matter who you are. But if you are a creative person, especially a highly talented and imaginative person who feels everything a thousand times more than one who is not as creative it is a tremendous demon to battle. It doesn't matter how many times you think you have it under some form of control it manages to slip away and attack from a different angle. The darkness that tends to shroud the demons do not help. The truth that there are so many who can not possibly comprehend does not help. One who is depressed feel as if they are doing battle all alone and with each step forward are sliding three steps backward. Sliding backward into an abyss from which there is no rescue.
   Robin Williams was a great talent. Yes, he will live on in the movies he made,there is no doubt the fire he lit in others who watched and wished to emulate he will bring us other talented actors who will in their own ways entertain us. There will never be another such as Robin Williams. May he rest in the arms of peace, his demons finally stilled. May his family find comfort as they deal with the sadness of their loss.
 Good-bye Robin, we're leaving the window open nu.. na nu...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Considering You Lord

In the midst of the storms thundering around me
the rains of strife and fear pouring down,
You are my shelter, You are my refuge
Drawing me close to You, covering me with Your peace
What took so long, to realize what it is like
when I consider what You have done for me
Why did I hesitate to draw near to You

In my youth, I heard Your voice, speaking within my heart
calling to me, inviting me to come to You
Offering what no one else could, what nothing else could
serenity in You, a peace that can be found nowhere else
forgiveness for the sins of this earthly heart
Cleansing of a stained life by Your mercy and grace
What took so long, to realize, what it is like
when I consider what You have done for me
How could I take so long, to draw near to You?

In the time of troubles, I heard You
speaking softly to me, letting me know You are near
always so near to me, even when I wandered
You still remained, watching over me, watching over my life
waiting for me to see, how far away I had grown
the wrong paths that I had taken, leading me away from You
all the while You waited, knowing in time, I would realize
when I took time to consider what it is like
to walk with You, close to You through every storm
to walk with You along every pathway in this life
because of what it is, that You have done for me

Heaven's glory you left, to come to this place
God becoming man, to take on what no one else could
Walking this earth with a message of hope and words of love
Teaching all who would listen Your words of compassion
When I read Your Word, how could I not consider who You are
An apostle of our confession, sent with the authority to reveal God
To bring God to us, to me, so we may see
When I read Your Word, how could I not consider who You are
High Priest for our confession, standing between us and God
Your blood spilled, given for our transgressions
So that we, so that I, may draw near to God, and know God the Father
Whether I stand in the high places or struggle in the valley I can boast in You
Your peace surrounds me, Your love enfolds me
Your most merciful grace heals and forgives me of all I have done
How my Lord, my Savior
could I not consider You?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You called me Disturbed

                          photo taken at Cades Cove in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

 Recently I found myself in an online conversation that was civil, but just barely. I had shared something that I saw on a social media site knowing that it had potential to bring out those who are rabid in their beliefs and don't mind showing it. I was therefore not surprised when the derisive comments appeared. I will be the first to admit that I have at times, shared or posted things on social media sites  that I know will get a reaction. Knowing that those reactions will not always be good. I do this in the hopes of starting rational, mature conversations on those topics. Unfortunately, on many social media sites, mature and rational are rare and endangered. The comments that were made to this posting were really not all that bad and nothing unexpected. The problem was in one of words used. I am not one to use words that are known as curse words, while I know that to many they are merely words no worse than any other, I simply choose not to use them and would prefer others to not use them on my personal page. When I asked that people who commented on anything I post please not use such language that was when the problem began.
 I realize that people have things that they are very passionate about. If you bring that topic up the best you can do is stand back out of the way and let them get it out of their system. I love to see comments made on my postings. I may not agree with you, but you have as much right to your beliefs as I have mine. Maybe its my age showing, but I prefer that those words not be used, I think that there are way too many other options and alternatives available. Yes, certain words may show your feeling, but so may one of the options. Using those options may also get your points more attention as people seek out to understand what you are saying and what those new words mean. As it is, my requesting that those words not be used had the one disagreeing with me calling me disturbed. I was even called the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland fame.
  This conversation happened early one morning. I could have allowed it to ruin my day but I didn't. In fact I did the complete opposite and had way too much fun with it. Commenting that if I were the White Rabbit- to which I disagree I'm more the March Hair (spooooooooooon) type, then Johnny Depp (Mad Hatter) is my neighbor. I laughed and had coworkers laughing rather than holding onto anger and hurt feelings.
  Then, I began thinking more on the word. I realized that they were right in one sense. While I'm sure they were not meaning to be complimentary by calling me disturbed, they have no idea how right they are. I am very disturbed, and wish that more people were as well.

 I am disturbed at the number of people in this country who are homeless and hungry while this country sends billions of dollars to other countries. Some countries who don't even like us.
 I am disturbed at how easy it is for illegals to enter this country then demand and get assistance while those who are citizens often can't get needed help. Those who worked for so long only to lose that job then find themselves at risk of losing everything they have because for what ever reasons they can't find another job or one that pays enough to cover their needs.
  I am disturbed at how easy it is for illegals to get medical help while our veterans suffer and die due to lack of care. (I'm not against immigration, I simply think that it ought to be done legally as it has been done by so many for generations. Where immigrants came to this country, became citizens adopting this country and this country's ways instead of demanding we change for them.)
  I am disturbed at the lack of caring for our children. How so many are so self absorbed that they forget they are parents and supposed to be caring for their children in a responsible manner. Instead so many are more concerned about getting their drugs or alcohol of choice. Too many children are neglected and abused. Too many children are going hungry, too many are doing without medical care, clothing, love. Too many children are dying because of abuse or neglect.
  I am disturbed that our country's infrastructure is crumbling from age while we still send billions to those other countries. That so many of our cities are nearly abandoned and rotting away around us.
  I am disturbed that it is so easy for illegals to enter our country while other countries guard their borders with deadly force.
  I am disturbed by all the things I see reported of what goes on in other countries. How innocent civilians are killed. How children are abducted and forced into military service. How children are abducted-or sold by family- into slavery. It disturbs me to see so many hurting, so many sick, so many afraid, so many forced to live under certain rules and regulations under threat of death. Not a quick death either.
  I am disturbed at the way the earth has been polluted and ravaged by corporations seeking more and more money without caring for the damage they are doing. It bothers me to see how the planet is reacting through storms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and landslides. Forest fires are destroying more than forests as homes and buildings burn.
  I am disturbed by the greed and corruption that is rampant in governments. Not just that in this country but in almost if not all. While those that went in with good intentions are in the minority and are forced to battle against great odds, there are more that have greater strength and power and will get their way. Their way usually meaning better for them and well- do the best you can for the average citizen.
  I am disturbed by the abuse of the elderly, whether it is by family or attendants in assisted living facilities who are trusted to take care of them.
 I'm disturbed at the abuse of animals. Whether it is intention, whether it is out of ignorance, whether it is accidental, the results are often not good for the animal.
 I am disturbed by the many different groups of people who demand tolerance and acceptance but yet refuse to give to others what they demand for themselves.
  My heart bleeds and weeps for this list and for the many things that I haven't mentioned here. It seems that so many have lost that thing called compassion. It appears that self-serving has become the normal way of life. Without compassion there is no mercy, no kindness, no caring for others and their needs. You called me disturbed, you have no idea how right you are. I can only imagine what a different world this would be if others became as disturbed as I am.