Monday, August 11, 2014

And the Web has Exploded--Robin Williams gone..

And the Web has exploded

   I'm sure you have heard by now of the death of Robin Williams. The internet has nearly imploded with the news spreading quicker than a western wildfire. He was loved by many, tolerated by many and also disliked by many. It all depended on your own personal taste and preferences. While I personally was not a fan of the language that he used, (but in truth, it was language no different than so many other entertainers use) I could and will not argue his mind blowing talent.
  I remember him as Mork on Happy Days and then co-starring with other talents in Mork and Mindy. His rapid fire wit and imagination making for an incredible viewing experience. I have always been a fan of improvisation, my first taste of that coming from Jonathan Winters and then following the same path, Robin Williams. Mork and Mindy may not have been highly thought of at the time, I don't know and honestly don't care as it was fun, it was silly, it was goofy, it was unpredictable and it was fun. It was Robin Williams being Robin Williams.
  While I'm not a big movie enthusiast I have seen many of his works. His range of style was impressive, his talent, without question. Like him or not, the man could act. He was the rebel that he presented to us in Good Morning Vietnam. He was the genie he did voice over for in Aladdin gifting us with his tremendous ability and creativity. He was and will forever be Peter Pan. He will be our happy thoughts even in the sadness in our heart for his loss.
  It doesn't matter the cause of death, not really. The loss is great for us all. Depression is a serious problem no matter who you are. But if you are a creative person, especially a highly talented and imaginative person who feels everything a thousand times more than one who is not as creative it is a tremendous demon to battle. It doesn't matter how many times you think you have it under some form of control it manages to slip away and attack from a different angle. The darkness that tends to shroud the demons do not help. The truth that there are so many who can not possibly comprehend does not help. One who is depressed feel as if they are doing battle all alone and with each step forward are sliding three steps backward. Sliding backward into an abyss from which there is no rescue.
   Robin Williams was a great talent. Yes, he will live on in the movies he made,there is no doubt the fire he lit in others who watched and wished to emulate he will bring us other talented actors who will in their own ways entertain us. There will never be another such as Robin Williams. May he rest in the arms of peace, his demons finally stilled. May his family find comfort as they deal with the sadness of their loss.
 Good-bye Robin, we're leaving the window open nu.. na nu...

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