Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be Still

The rain falls

and the path, washed away

blinded by raindrops

or is it teardrops

I stumble, falling into the mud

swirling about my feet

struggling, I stand

covered in rainwater and mud

I see myself reflected in the windows

raindrops leaving trails streaking downward

as my life

spiraling swiftly down

how, how I had fallen so far

how, how do I rise from this

slow steps forward

hunched over against the cold

as the rain runs down my cheeks

down my back

I shiver from the feeling

tremble in the heartache

how, had I fallen this far?

darkness surrounds me

the only sound, that of the rain

falling, striking pavement, striking mud

striking my chilled face as I turn to look skyward

only the grey of the clouds

and the falling rain

Seeking shelter from the rain

sanctuary from the suffering

I stumble on

Be still

Be still and know

Words forming in a broken heart

a warmth beginning

deep inside

Be Still

Be still and know

know ..what?

That I am God

I am with You

even until the end of the age

Surreptitious glances around me

no one stands near

no one pays mind

to the bedraggled soul

standing in the rain

Be still

Be still and know

What is it that You wish?

Why is it, You speak to me now?

I stand here, in this rain

the storms breaking around me

I too, am broken

in spirit, in heart

lost to this place, lost to the dark

what is it, that You want of me

Be still

be still and know

that I Am

Build Your house upon me

no storm can tear down, what is built on the Rock

The trembling in my heart


understanding, of what I had been seeking

a light, dawning before me

healing love, flows through me

as I stand, in the rain

not so cold now

as I listen, hearing the voice of the Lord God

speaking to me

Be Still

Be still and know

I am, the Bread of Life, I am the Living Water

Partake of this and need no more

Falling to my knees I cry

cradling my face in my hands, I cry

Lord my God, how I have sinned

how I have fallen so far

forgive me I cry, I was wrong, I understand now

my heart repeating the mantra

in my heart, I feel the warmth begin

I feel the changes, begin

dawn's light begins to brighten the sky

as the rain ceases to fall

standing from the rain

I know, I am changed

never to be the same


even as mud clinging to my person

washed away by the last few raindrops

my soul, is cleansed, washed clean in the knowledge

saved in the merciful grace

I am different, I am new

I stand amazed, I kneel, humbled

Be still

and know

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Blessed in His Promises

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been a bit busy today-

I spent the afternoon creating videos for my series: When My Storm Blew Pink. A series dedicated to helping keep awareness of cancer high. To help those considering the tests, or waiting on results to have hope. To encourage, to remind those who are dealing with cancer that they are not alone. There are people and organizations that are ready and willing to help them.

When my Storm Blew Pink, a preamble

When My Storm Blew Pink, on the soapbox

When my Storm Blew Pink, I stand a champion

the greatest of love

Your blessings surround me

I hear You in the sounds

in the songs of the bird

in the songs of the wind

they sing to me

remind me

of Your great love

Your blessings surround me

in the beauty of this place

stretching out before me

fields and mountains

oceans and streams

their majesty breath taking

reminding me

of Your great love

Your blessings surround me

in the colors of this place

wildflower and show flower carpeting the ground

trees blooming in spring

covered in a blaze of glory in autumn

reminding me

of Your great love

simple things

beautiful things

glorious things

all that work perfectly

as You planned

creations that provide food

that provides shelter

that provides drink

a body that works in a wondrous way

things that should not work, but do

Your blessings surround me

as I look into a never-ending sky

crystal clear blue during the day

filled with an uncountable number of stars

in a deep field of black in the night

making me feel small in comparison

as I stand in breathless wonder

looking out, seeing just how

I am surrounded by Your blessings

proof unmatched

of Your great love.

I hold in my hand, Your Word

filled with Your truth

filled with Your instruction

explaining, teaching, giving hope

where hope had grown weak

Your Word, Your truth

telling of Your love

a love so great that You sent Your Son

a love so great, You would spare not even Him

from death's horrors

spilling His blood on a cross

for us, those You love so greatly

I stand, surrounded by Your blessings

knowing what Christ Jesus did for me

how he died, How He rose again

paying the price

out of love

paying the price

that I may live eternal

standing always surrounded

by the greatest of love

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @


and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @


and other online sites

also @ Bookin' It, your mobile bookstore @ www.bookin-it.com

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Blessed in His Promises

Thursday, November 25, 2010

multitude to be thankful for

I started a Thanksgiving blog marathon last night but due to a multitude of excuses was unable to do as much as I wanted. In the ones that I was able to complete scattered across the web I hope that I was able to convey the feelings of thanks that I have.

We gripe and we complain about the way things are here. But would we really rather live somewhere else? If you read or watch the news seeing what goes on in other countries, would you really want to be there? Now some are nice, decent places- I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the places where murder is a fact of life (is that an oxymoron?) where garbage floats past you, the rivers and any available water contaminated. Where the pay is a few cent a day. Where you are told, exactly what you will do, what you will say, where (if anywhere) you can go and how. You are told even how many children you may have. Freedom is but a word, a wish and a dream to some people. What type home do you live in? Whether it is a mansion, a two-bedroom house in the burbs, an apartment of even a mobile home. It could be a grass hut sitting in the blazing sun hoping that the lions aren't hungry today.

We gripe and complain about health care. Yes, there are problems with the new bill, but again- what about the people out in third world countries that depend on the guy with the lion claw necklace, a few powders and a lot of chanting.

We have a volunteer military. Our people choose to go into service. They are not dragged from their beds or homes, not grabbed off the side of the road or path hauled away possibly never to be heard from again by family or loved ones. Our military voluntarily put their lives on the line for a country they love--faults and all. They put on that uniform and walk proudly. Yes, they are human and they make mistakes just like me, you and every other human being that walks this planet. Their mistakes are just broadcast to the world while our goofs are tucked away hopefully unseen or at least quickly forgotten.

We can walk, drive or catch a bus to a variety of grocery stores. There we can choose among produce, meats and other foods that are packaged and produced under careful guidelines. We won't go into the photos that circled the web not too long back about a store in China and how their wares are presented to the shoppers.

We have multitudes of restaurants and fast food places. We can eat as sensibly or not as we choose. We can eat right and preserve our health, or eat as gluttons and become obese. It is our choice.

We have a multitude of gyms and fitness areas available to preserve out health or get rid of the signs of our over indulging.

We have much to be thankful for. While our media has been known and proven to present things in biased ways, there is still truth available. Our access to the internet is not restricted. We can with a click find out anything we want to know and just how many versions are floating about.

We have the freedom of religion- while there are those that feel that religion and the practicing of one's faith is under attack we do still have the freedom to worship as we wish. We can attend the church of our choice. We can sing and praise freely without fear of attack. We need not hide or lock the doors for protection. In other countries Christians are killed just because they are Christians. People that are not of the chosen faith or belief of the ruling people have been known to be killed just because they believe differently. We have the freedom to talk to others, share what we believe and why. We also have the freedom to be extremist and wrong. To interpret the words in the way we wish to and use that to attack others or their way of life. Right is right- wrong is wrong- freedom is freedom. Sadly freedom does not mean one is blessed with common sense and compassion.

We have much to be thankful for. Our country is beautiful, from the cities rising up to the wilderness areas protected from encroaching civilization. We have our freedoms, we have our life. We are blessed and again.. we have much to be thankful for.

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @


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The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @


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Blessed in His Promises

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thanksgiving blog marathon-5

Tomorrow 11-25 10 is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. Just for the sake of seeing if I can do it I decided to post a blog on each of my various sites (no not myblank) that are themed about thanksgiving and what I am thankful for. Ready? Blog number five- I am thankful for...

I am thankful for, my health.

In February of 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was about to walk into an adventure of the kind I had never faced before. Part of me wanted to run and hide, while another part of me realized that there had to be a reason and to go into this with a positive attitude.

The surgery wasn't too bad, there wasn't too much pain and I was able to return to work after two days. At work they took care of me by giving me easy assignments for a while. I was given time to heal.

The radiation treatments were not the most fun I've ever had. They left me exhausted, at times barely able to take that next step. I had to give up all of my favorite junk foods because the processed sugars made the exhaustion worse.

Even as tired as I was, I loved my walks. I had to go out there and find my peace in the same places where I once played. The quiet of the woods were healing.

Here it is, nearly 2011. I am cancer free and have regained most of my energy levels.. I can even enjoy some good junk food from time to time.

so for good health, I am thankful-

check my facebook profile for links to the other blogs

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @


and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @


and other online sites

also @ Bookin' It, your mobile bookstore @ www.bookin-it.com

Available now @ http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/blessed-in-his-promises/12670945:

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They know- I know, they know

 With Thanksgiving being this Thursday we like many others will have a short work week. Some of us will still be working however as we prepare for all of the visitors. There is homes to clean and food to cook and guests to invite and welcome- all that stuff.  But, that is not what this write is about. This is about how the machines KNOW that this is a short week and they have to get all of their problems stuffed into three days instead of four.
  Yesterday would have been difficult enough just being Monday, but a Monday on a short week? Help us, please help us. Trying to get the machines started up and humming (they don't know the words) on time is a daily challenge. There is always one that doesn't want to co-operate. Yesterday, I think they had been scheming before we arrived. We would get one going only to have a problem arise that meant stopping it again. We would get another going only to find out that someone was out and we had to move this person from this machine to the other machine that had priority. Then of course there was planning, who would come out and inform the manager that they needed this put on 'right away' as it was promised to be delivered. (I see y'all out there nodding..you've been there) I'm always relieved to see Monday come to a close.
 Then, there is today.
 We get to work to find out that at some point yesterday one of the machines had been turned off and refused to start back. The electrician was out there for the better part of the day- he couldn't get it either. Then of course we had four machines change at one time. Not a one of them wanted to play nice.  To change one we had to pull what was on it off because we needed the machine to run something else---that was promised--taking what was on it and moving it to a machine running the same style. Of course the operator of that machine wasn't really thrilled at the stuff being brought to her because since it came off a machine it was smaller.
The frame changing was not fully ready when I got there to put the settings in. As I was preparing to do that I told the technician that a set of rollers needed to be moved to a different position. He looked me in the eye and told me the other tech had already done that. um.....no. I'm looking at the rollers right here all still in the wrong position.- ohhhhhh that. sigh
As we are finally getting the machine started a major belt dropped and flipped over. The tech seemed absorbed in what he was doing so I turned the machine off and got to slide around in the floor getting the belt back in place. It wasn't too long before we had it back on, and the machine back up and running. I swear though- if I'm going to have to do my job and the tech's..I deserve a pay increase.
 Two machines down. The other tech was doing a maintenance job on machine three. So while he finished that I went to frame four. Thankfully the operator had already gotten most of the work in the change over complete all I had to do was check yarn quality. Size was good, compared to standard was good, look was--rats! The color is so far off as to be in a completely different time zone. It was supposed to be a nice rich green, the was almost yellow. I can't find the dept. manager, oh yeah- she's getting materials for frame five-yup, another one popped in there, it didn't want to be left out of the fun. So, since I can't find her off I go to the sample dept. It was the manager of it that would either approve or reject what I was looking at. She approves a lot, but this one.. no.. she wouldn't approve this one. And she didn't. Back I go to tell the manager that we could not run that machine until the yarn was approved by the customer. This isn't happening.
I was approached by an operator who asked me if I would start one of the machines for her that runs the yarn on a pirn (big metal bobbin), which then runs round and round the yarn we make to hold it all together. I couldn't get the thing to start either. Seems some one for some reason had pushed the emergency stop and this emergency stop button did not want to release. It wasn't going to work and we couldn't make it... but the electrician and his tools got the button released and the machine running.
 The tech has finally finished with the machine he was on. Off I go to it and start helping get it started. Tech disappears-yuppers..standard thing, never can get tech help when you need it. We do get the machine running.
 Lets see, oh joy, there is another frame that will be running out, but I know what's going on next so I can get her a little prepared. She's good enough to change it herself as long as there is someone nearby to make sure its right and give it their blessings.
 That makes,6 changes. Then of course someone among the higher powers did not like the way this machine was running- fix it. Just as we got that done they didn't like the way that machine was making yarn, fix that. In the process there was yarn lapping around rollers right and left. Operators constantly needing something cut off, put back, moved over, found, brought to them, made.
 By lunch I was whooped. As I passed a coworker I asked if I could go home. She looked at her watch and said..no..I told her she was being very mean and that I was going to tell Santa on her and all she would get would be sticks and coal. Of course she was laughing as I walked away. As I passed her going back I told her that Santa was on my friends list and I really could tell on her. She was still laughing. Long about 3:30 (we leave at 4) she told me she would make a deal with me. She would give me Thursday off. HOT DOG!! oh wait..hmm..I walked off muttering to myself. As I came back by I told her, "throw in Friday and you have a deal"
 So, since she threw in Friday I won't be telling Santa on her this time..
 Right at time to go an operator had a lap bad enough that it could have locked down a roller but I think she stopped it first. the blade in my knife is dull from everything that I cut off today.
 By the time 4 rolled around, I was exhausted. But-- the day did go a lot quicker.

Monday, November 22, 2010

over the river and through the woods to brother's house we go

 This Thanksgiving is going to be different. Usually we have Thanksgiving Dinner at mom's. Last year we held dinner in dad's storage building/ garage/ man cave. He wanted a place to store his boat so he had a building built big enough for the boat and just about anything else he could think of. It has everything but a bathroom. Without the boat there is plenty of room for gathering and enjoying the company of friends. Hoping to make it easier on mom, last year we had dinner in the building. My brother, did not like it. So- he invited us all to his place this year. This is going to be interesting.
 My brother, who for years has only had to show up with his family and a few side dishes is learning the hard way just how much has gone into Thanksgiving Dinner.
 Where my son and other brother and his son have helped our dad get tables and chairs set up and I and my other sister-in-law have helped get the table cloths out and tables set-- now, little brother and his wife are having to get tables and chairs and get them ready. And figure out how to set them up in the way he wants.
 Where I have made or helped to make so much food that it took trip after trip between the houses, now he is going to have to do more as most of the foods don't travel well nor taste as good cold.
 I have made a gallon of decaf sweet tea for years, if anyone wants decaf I'm going to carry the tea bags over to his place as I don't have a spill proof pitcher.

Yup.. its really going to be different this year..... as far as the dinner goes, but

As far as being thankful, that doesn't change. I am thankful that we live in such a wonderful and special country and that there are those still willing to fight for it. Still willing to risk everything for the country that they love. Still willing to fight to protect what they believe in and to keep it free.

I am thankful for the freedoms that we have. We can worship as we believer and worship freely. We can vote without fear. We can speak out freely. But, this does not mean speaking irresponsibly.

I am thankful for a warm home and cabinets with food.

I am thankful, for family and friends.

I am thankful for  younger brothers who have a wonderful sense of humor...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

When my Storm Blew Pink, chapter 2

When my storm blew pink

This is a link to chapter 2 of what is to be a series of videos dealing with when I went through my battle with breast cancer back in 2008. I'm fine now- but my desire is to help everyone that I can in all ways that I can.  When I went through my personal battle I did a lot of writing, whether it was online blogs or newspaper columns. The videos are readings from those writings.
The thought behind the videos was to make it more real. Thinking that if you could see the person behind the writings it would be more than mere words on a page.
 Trying to make the video is an adventure in itself. Being one that prefers to be behind the scenes placing myself up front is a bit uncomfortable. But, as I said, I want this to be more real so I will adjust and learn.
Trying to get the camera in just the right position is fun. I'm doing all of this myself so I'm using a Relay for Life banner as the first thing seen and last thing as I walk into and out of the scene. Then if I don't make mistakes in creating the video--which usually happens which means repeated attempts until I get an acceptable video--I have to get the video uploaded into the computer and saved. I'm learning how to create movies with the computer and get those posted to youtube.
If you get a chance- take a look at the video. Let me know what you think- and if you know someone that may benefit frm seeing the videos- then by all means share them.
I'll be posting updates as to when the next video is up-

Friday, November 19, 2010

the pain that flows within

  I was reading an article on bullies- it seems that there are more and more of those showing up. And yet, the people that need to be seeing these, are not taking them to heart. They do not seem to sense the importance of what is going on nor the importance of finding a solution. Is there one? I honestly don't know. I know that this is something that has gone on for ages past and will most probably continue unabated.
  I imagine that one that has never been the victim of a bully does not understand, can not ever fully comprehend the pain that comes from such torture. We all understand that a bully is one that torments their victims with verbal, emotional, mental and physical abuse. That old saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is not true. Bruises heal. Broken bones heal. The memory stays around from what ever caused them, the memory of the pain associated with the injury remains, but the physical wounds heal.
  Verbal assaults strike the heart and soul of the victim and become lodged there. The victim feels these words, hears these words haunting them, echoing in their minds. The words continuous taunting causes the victim to become even more the victim because they begin to believe them. Maybe, just maybe they are stupid and ugly and unworthy and and and...
  And the adults and authority and whom ever is in charge if they dare report it passes it off as some childhood ritual that must be passed through. It is something that happens, something that will blow over, something that just isn't important and worthy of interference. Fear may drive them, what if they intervene and a parent of the bully gets angry and swears the claims are not true and their little darling has been falsely accused and that they will go to the school board or what ever organization is involved and make things right. Never able to consider that their little darling could be so cruel as to be a bully.
  Fear of make the wrong parent angry the powers may turn the tables on the victim and make them doubly the victim by punishing them in some form. What would make me say this? I've seen it in action, I know it to happen.
 So, the victim suffers, at the hands of the bully and at the hands of those that should protect them. A person being bullied may see a peer go for help only to go through the above. Only to be ignored, or blamed or told to 'get over it' so why report it? Why be doubled assaulted? So they suffer in silence. Their heart grows weak as does their spirit. Fearing that no one understands.
 Why can we not stop this?
  We are all different. We are blond or brunette or redhead. WE are tall, short skinny or not. We are American, Englishman, German or Middle Eastern. We are different. We are medical workers, manufacturers, office workers, truck drivers. We are different from the beginning and we remain different as we progress.
 Why, must there be people- children and adults- that think it is fine to ridicule others? What sense of power does one get by causing another such pain? Are the laughs garnered at another's expense really worth it?
I wrote the following this morning..because I was a victim, I know victims of bullies and I know how the victims are treated..

You didn't know

even as I told you, it was something

you couldn't understand

just how bad it was

even if, you had seen

dealt with similar issues

once upon a time

you passed them off now

it wasn't so bad

it wasn't real

my brother was treated worse

maybe, kinda, maybe

You didn't know, could not comprehend

the pain

that flowed within me

strangling me

the pain I suffered

at the hands and at the taunts

of my tormentors

You didn't know

could not realize how I suffered

in silence

once I realized, you wouldn't speak

other than to tell me things

so wrong

so wrong

so wrong

did you really think that would work?

and I suffered

enduring the pain

inflicted by peers

words meant to hurt

words meant to insult

actions meant to demoralize

create fear

You didn't know

others didn't care

turn away

turn away

turn away

it isn't happening

this pain

that never goes away

and they dare at some point

if you dare to recall aloud

to blame you

you took it wrong

it was a joke

only a joke

you have no sense of humor

you took it wrong

and I turn away

walk away

carrying with me still

the pain

you couldn't understand

wouldn't understand

this pain that flows within

Blessed, a collection of God given inspirational poetry by Rebecca Stepp Revels is available now @


and now also at

Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble .com

The Legend of Dragon's Doom:a Young Warrior's vow, by RS Revels is available @


and other online sites

also @ Bookin' It, your mobile bookstore @ www.bookin-it.com

Available now @ http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/blessed-in-his-promises/12670945:

Blessed in His Promises

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A chain of events

I get home any time between 4 and 4:30 in the afternoon. It depends on when I crawl out of the plant. Today, thanks to a machine having been down and my trying to assist in getting it back up and running I was late leaving the building. That meant it was just after 4:30 when I got home.

I began carrying my massive amount of stuff back into the house from the car. I got all my stuff in the house and then started out to get firewood. That was when I noticed that something was not right with our dog Buddy. He was standing in an odd position and biting at his foot. Closer inspection revealed that he had somehow managed to get his foot caught in the chain. When I went to get him untangled he was not happy. It was obvious that it hurt. When he snapped at me and began to fight back I got him in a position to where I had hold of his shoulder and his head was on the other side of my arm. He couldn't bite me as long as I was able to hold him securely that way.

The problem is that Buddy is being confined by two chains attached by some kind of clip. It was the clip he was caught by. It took some very careful and considerate doing, careful wiggling and moving and shifting but I was finally able to free his foot.

Remember the story about the lions with a thorn in its paw? And how grateful it was? Buddy was jumping and dancing and totally overjoyed at his new freedom. I was glad to see that his foot wasn't injured and he didn't seem to have any psychological issues. But I will purchase a new chain. I've already bought one, I'm guessing that it is hung up somewhere down in the woods from where he got out the last time. It will simply be easier to go buy a new chain rather than search for this one. I'm hoping that in the mean time he will be more careful and not get caught again until I can get a new chain.. or get that kennel repaired..

Dogs- ya gotta love 'em.

Buddy is the blonde dog-(biting my tongue so as not to make blonde jokes) the Border Collie mix is Rambo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

We were warned last week that we had extremely important company coming for a visit today where I work. Even though we had recently done a big cleaning in our department, the nature of our work tends to invite mess. We make specialty yarns. Its not just a sewing thread, straight yarn type thing. Our yarns have loops and designs and all manner of different things that make it special. But--with all the differences, it creates a tendency for materials to collect around the machines and in the aisles. So, even though we had just cleaned, we really needed to clean again.

and clean we did.

We organized, we trashed, we swept, we straightened boxes and buggies and cans. Everything that was where it was supposed to be, was made sure to be in straight organized lines. Everything was made to be sure it was where it was supposed to be and not simply left where it was after a job was finished.

I hurt

all over

My son was able to work today and yesterday thanks to our visitors coming. He worked just as hard as a full time permanent employee, harder than some of them. He does tend to have an interesting way of doing some things, but I guess that's true for all of us. He learned how to use the computer that generates the labels for the boxes today. (I need to get around to doing that myself)

Finally..our company showed up. There was a large entourage strolling through the plant. They skipped our department and made this big circle around, coming through our area last. We were holding our breath hoping that everything looked as good as we thought it did. They strolled along, looking at all the stuff they were passing. They stopped and looked closer at some things, passing by others.

Finally they moved on. We were at last able to exhale. Then we had to wait and see what they thought.

It was several hours before we found out that our visitors were impressed. They really liked what they saw. Making comments about how much you could tell about a company by their housekeeping. Our department hadn't really been all that messy-- just cluttered. Now its uncluttered. I really, honestly hope we can keep it this way. It would be so much easier on this old body.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

new videos on Youtube

When I walked today, with it being Sunday and illegal to hunt day I felt pretty safe in the knowledge that no one else was out wandering around in the woods. When I arrived at the small pond at the bottom of the hill I found a place to sit and video the pond while I recited one of my inspirational poems. Once that one was finished I moved to sit on the dam and recite the second while videoing the pond from that position.
I have found the pond to be a very calming and relaxing place to be. Watching the ripples as they dance across the surface, watching the reflections, the dragonfly during the warm months. Today there was a small bird that was playing among the cattails that grow in places around the bank.
Even though the ground was cold and felt a bit damp, I sat there, reciting the poetry and absorbing the calm. I don't usually like the sound of my own voice, but when I'm reciting these poems.. or working on the "When my storm blew pink" videos it isn't so bad. But then, there is cause to do this.
I am blessed. I know that I am. I'll never be rich money wise...but I am wealthy in more important ways.
for Your name is Love

there is peace

I'll continue to work on these and other videos. Because the messages in them are important in more ways than one.

a rambling kind of discussing over rambling through the woods

My walks have become a very important part of my daily activities. Even after working a ten hour shift, I walk for about an hour. My walks take me along a set of paths that cut through my parent's property. I know I am blessed to live here.
I know that the weather will turn cold, even though today is perfect. With a Carolina blue sky, just a slight breeze, and the colors of fall exploding all around me, it is an amazing and wonderful experience, walking.
 I have friends that live in the city, I've tried it, I'll be honest, it isn't for me. I'm accustomed to crickets, dogs and owls not the blaring of horns and screech of tires. I work ten hours a day in a manufacturing plant. The noise from the machines is horrendous. Out there in the woods is a quiet that seeps into your soul and brings with it a peace that can't be found elsewhere. Out there, without televisions and telephones and computers and neighbors one can find the perfect place for their quiet time.
 Today as I walked I was trying, really trying to be quiet. I was searching the woods around me for any signs of deer. With so many of the leaves having already fallen I can obviously see a lot farther. I made it to the top of the hill, and took my left turn. I probably moved ten feet or so when I spooked up a deer. I didn't seeit, but I heard it tearing off through the woods. Squirrel do not make that much noise.
I had worn a jacket over my sweater when I left the house. Along with my blaze orange don't shoot me I'm human hat. By the time I made it back to the Dirt Road the jacket was off. I had taken some photographs but with no bees or bugs or butterfly about I didn't take many. I love the colors of fall, but I prefer the colors of the abundance of wildflowers that grow around here.
My husband worries about me walking. I told him that I'm careful, I watch where I'm going and I have people watching out for me. I carry protection and my cell phone. There is also the fact that it would be difficult for anyone to sneak up on me in the woods--I mean really- they simply don't rake out there and with all those fallen and dead leaves one has to walk on making all that noise- I mean really.
I have wood for my woodstove, but most of it needs to be cut to size. With my husband out on the road, and my son working and going to school I'm not sure how that is going to happen.. but I'll get it done, if I have to learn how to handle a chain saw myself..that ought to be interesting...
I believe  I'll take a walk and think that one over----

Saturday, November 13, 2010

and a new adventure begins- raising cancer awareness

As a breast cancer survivor I participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I have from right after my diagnoses. I participate, because I know how it feels. I know the looks and the emotions and the fear, that you feel, and that those who love you feels. I have watched friends of mine who have won the battle and those who lost their personal battle.
I do what I can as an individual, and as a part of a Relay team. As one we raise money and we raise awareness of cancer and everything that the American Cancer Society does for those that are in the battle.
When I was in the midst of my own battle I wrote columns that appeared in a local paper. I also wrote numerous blogs on the topic. I have a profile page online on the Relay for Life web site. Last year I posted a series of blogs titled "Blindsided". This year I am doing something a little bit different and posting videos on youtube. These will be recorded from various sites here and around the Dirt Road. The first of the series was posted a little earlier today. Find it here:  When my storm blew pink.   It is a compilation of my reading from things I have written and comments and observations from the heart.
Listen to the wind blowing as I speak- the winds of change as we work to find a cure for cancer. The winds caused by more people blowing out candles as they celebrate more birthdays.
The one thing I ask, please support the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. Join a team, create a team. Participate in fundraisers or raise funds on your own. Participate in Relay, the all night walk that is meant to bring awareness of cancer. An amazing night of fun, fundraising, music and laughter while all the while remembering the reason we are there. Donate your time, your talent and yes- your money.
Participate and help the ACS as they work to find a cure. Participate and help the ACS as they help those battling cancer with the physical, mental and emotional things that cancer patients and their caregivers need.
Please view my video and if you think it will be of any help for someone you know in their battle feel free to share it with them-

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

   As a youth this road played a large part in our games.  Up until we reached a certain age our range was limited. We could ride from our parent's driveway to our grandparent's driveway. Trying to sneak past drew some serious repercushions. With there being so few families living on the raod at that time there was little to no threat of vehicular traffic interupting our games.
   On our bikes we were part of a parade. Streamers in the form of strings and cloth strips blew in the breeze from our handlebars. Playing cards had the wheels kicking up the sound that became so familiar we could hear it in our sleep. We lined up and rode in circles showing off to each other being that there was no audience as we pretened. We were racers, one would draw a line in the sand and we would take our places. With the drop of an arm we were racing.  While we never had the wild stunt boards of today, we had fun in our own right. Fun that I wouldn't take anything for the memories. Riding in the winds, arms spread wide, laughing as we made our way down the road.
  We searched for unusual stones every time a load of rocks was brought in. We could spend hours searching for the rock with the most sparkle. Fools gold made for some interesting games.
  Along this road we traveled to many different times and places.  Not far from the river it was a well traveled route for trading. It was a route soldiers had taken. Along this road we made great discoveries. Along this road we began to grow into who we would become.
  Not too long back I did some bike riding along the road. I smiled and laughed as the memories came flooding back. Arms spread wide, laughing as the wind blew past. Remembering the freedoms of youth. Remembering how a simple narrow dead end dirt road can become the gateway to imagination.

Relay for Life

This will be short as I have a meeting to attend.

I am a cancer survivor. I participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. It is my desire to help make it possible for every person who battles cancer to be a survivor.

I will be posting info on Relay, on the American Cancer Society and the events that will be going on between now- Kick off night-- and relay which happens in May..

Relay- join us- its fun, its exciting, its worthwhile.. it is one way we can make a difference--

While this blog I will leave short- even as I started to change it- but I will add that this is just the beginning. I plan on making posts on what happens as we travel through toward and right up to our Relay event--please join me in this venture-

Monday, November 1, 2010

a right and a responsibility---vote--

         This may or may not be short. I tend to shy away from political things. I avoid political conversations like the plague. I've watched seemingly normal people become out of control and crazy because of a political discussion. But--I will discuss voting.

 I remember when I turned old enough to vote. I was so excited, I would finally be one of the many voices that were having their say. Unfortunately on the way to register- the last day to register, I tend to procrastinate, a really rough looking person pulled up beside of where I was walking and asked how old I was..big mouth said 'old enough' when he started to open his car door the friend I was with grabbed me by the arm and we hit the high road out of there. I didn't vote the first time I was eligible. Later though, I did get registered and I did get to have my say.

Do my votes count? Does anyone hear what I am trying to say? Yes.. my vote counts and while my one voice may not be loud enough to hear, when you add in many other voices, we get louder. We get heard.

If you do not like the way things are going in this country it is important to vote. It is imperative that you let those in office know you are unhappy. While we can write letters, send emails and call our Representatives, what really gets their attention is when time to vote comes around and the polls are showing just how unhappy we the voters are..

This country is one of the best places on this earth to live. We are blessed in many ways. The land is beautiful with plenty of it left uninhabited. Many are out there doing all they can to protect this land and its resources. Many people go into battle and die trying to protect this land.

We can go to the polls without fear. We can walk up and make our mark, state our opinions and make ourselves heard. If and when we vote.

I do hope that everyone that legally can- will- vote. It is a right, it is a responsibility. It is the only way we can make our leaders in Washington know we are really and truly unhappy. It is the only way we can bring about change and get this country back on track to greatness.

An attitude that took the right left turn

          My son hated high school. He hated everything about it. As intelligent as he is, he refused to deal with anything related to school. No matter how many lectures I gave. No matter how many times I literally took him to school and watched him walk in the doors. It didn't matter the treats, the punishments or tears. He was not going to attend school. Eventually he was called into the office and the best of my understanding is that he was invited to leave. While the school did not contact me so I only have one side of the story, he was told that his transcript was bad and only getting worse so it was best that he left then. (To this day I haven't figured out how leaving helped that transcript). At that times James was already 18 and past the age of legally being able to leave school.
            When I got in from work James told me what had happened. We had already checked out a local college's high school program but we had not signed up for it. I told James to call and find out when their testing was. He was a step ahead of me. He had been disinvited from the local, public high school on Tuesday, on Thursday he was taking the test. He needed to score a ninth grade reading level. He scored a tenth of a point below college. While he still struggled with some subjects for the most part he made it through in good time. He was determined to get that high school diploma and he did,
            Less than a year after he graduated he was talking to people at a technical college a few miles up the road. I watched him get all excited over this while all the while I'm thinking of his hatred of high school and how he fought to finish getting his diploma. Still he swore this was what he wanted. He promised to do this to the best of his ability. Finally seeing the "I want this" burning in his eyes, I gave in and we got him signed up. It wasn't long before he was signed up for Universal Technical Institute/ Nascar Technical Institute. His dream? To work in a NASCAR garage. I told him to do that-- he had to be the best of the best of the best and nothing less.
        In the months that he has been attending UTI he has only missed one day. That day he came home sick. He goes in early and stays over at times. He is quick to volunteer for almost anything NASCAR. He's attended the last two races as a volunteer. He had a job most people would love to have...he got to tell people where to go....and get away with it. He's volunteered at fundraisers and events for the American Cancer Society. All the while he has grown and matured right before my very eyes.
            Before he started attending UTI we purchased an old car for him to drive. He took that car which even though it had been setting up for a while was a good car and made it better. He has that vehicle humming along.
           And his grades? He understood perfectly when I told him he had to be the best. His grades are almost always in the upper 90's. For a young man who hated school. Who flat out refused to attend high school he has really turned his opinions and attitudes around. Watching him now, I can believe that he is going to make that dream of his come true. Because he sure has the desire and the heart for it.