Sunday, November 14, 2010

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When I walked today, with it being Sunday and illegal to hunt day I felt pretty safe in the knowledge that no one else was out wandering around in the woods. When I arrived at the small pond at the bottom of the hill I found a place to sit and video the pond while I recited one of my inspirational poems. Once that one was finished I moved to sit on the dam and recite the second while videoing the pond from that position.
I have found the pond to be a very calming and relaxing place to be. Watching the ripples as they dance across the surface, watching the reflections, the dragonfly during the warm months. Today there was a small bird that was playing among the cattails that grow in places around the bank.
Even though the ground was cold and felt a bit damp, I sat there, reciting the poetry and absorbing the calm. I don't usually like the sound of my own voice, but when I'm reciting these poems.. or working on the "When my storm blew pink" videos it isn't so bad. But then, there is cause to do this.
I am blessed. I know that I am. I'll never be rich money wise...but I am wealthy in more important ways.
for Your name is Love

there is peace

I'll continue to work on these and other videos. Because the messages in them are important in more ways than one.

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