Sunday, November 14, 2010

a rambling kind of discussing over rambling through the woods

My walks have become a very important part of my daily activities. Even after working a ten hour shift, I walk for about an hour. My walks take me along a set of paths that cut through my parent's property. I know I am blessed to live here.
I know that the weather will turn cold, even though today is perfect. With a Carolina blue sky, just a slight breeze, and the colors of fall exploding all around me, it is an amazing and wonderful experience, walking.
 I have friends that live in the city, I've tried it, I'll be honest, it isn't for me. I'm accustomed to crickets, dogs and owls not the blaring of horns and screech of tires. I work ten hours a day in a manufacturing plant. The noise from the machines is horrendous. Out there in the woods is a quiet that seeps into your soul and brings with it a peace that can't be found elsewhere. Out there, without televisions and telephones and computers and neighbors one can find the perfect place for their quiet time.
 Today as I walked I was trying, really trying to be quiet. I was searching the woods around me for any signs of deer. With so many of the leaves having already fallen I can obviously see a lot farther. I made it to the top of the hill, and took my left turn. I probably moved ten feet or so when I spooked up a deer. I didn't seeit, but I heard it tearing off through the woods. Squirrel do not make that much noise.
I had worn a jacket over my sweater when I left the house. Along with my blaze orange don't shoot me I'm human hat. By the time I made it back to the Dirt Road the jacket was off. I had taken some photographs but with no bees or bugs or butterfly about I didn't take many. I love the colors of fall, but I prefer the colors of the abundance of wildflowers that grow around here.
My husband worries about me walking. I told him that I'm careful, I watch where I'm going and I have people watching out for me. I carry protection and my cell phone. There is also the fact that it would be difficult for anyone to sneak up on me in the woods--I mean really- they simply don't rake out there and with all those fallen and dead leaves one has to walk on making all that noise- I mean really.
I have wood for my woodstove, but most of it needs to be cut to size. With my husband out on the road, and my son working and going to school I'm not sure how that is going to happen.. but I'll get it done, if I have to learn how to handle a chain saw myself..that ought to be interesting...
I believe  I'll take a walk and think that one over----

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