Monday, November 22, 2010

over the river and through the woods to brother's house we go

 This Thanksgiving is going to be different. Usually we have Thanksgiving Dinner at mom's. Last year we held dinner in dad's storage building/ garage/ man cave. He wanted a place to store his boat so he had a building built big enough for the boat and just about anything else he could think of. It has everything but a bathroom. Without the boat there is plenty of room for gathering and enjoying the company of friends. Hoping to make it easier on mom, last year we had dinner in the building. My brother, did not like it. So- he invited us all to his place this year. This is going to be interesting.
 My brother, who for years has only had to show up with his family and a few side dishes is learning the hard way just how much has gone into Thanksgiving Dinner.
 Where my son and other brother and his son have helped our dad get tables and chairs set up and I and my other sister-in-law have helped get the table cloths out and tables set-- now, little brother and his wife are having to get tables and chairs and get them ready. And figure out how to set them up in the way he wants.
 Where I have made or helped to make so much food that it took trip after trip between the houses, now he is going to have to do more as most of the foods don't travel well nor taste as good cold.
 I have made a gallon of decaf sweet tea for years, if anyone wants decaf I'm going to carry the tea bags over to his place as I don't have a spill proof pitcher.

Yup.. its really going to be different this year..... as far as the dinner goes, but

As far as being thankful, that doesn't change. I am thankful that we live in such a wonderful and special country and that there are those still willing to fight for it. Still willing to risk everything for the country that they love. Still willing to fight to protect what they believe in and to keep it free.

I am thankful for the freedoms that we have. We can worship as we believer and worship freely. We can vote without fear. We can speak out freely. But, this does not mean speaking irresponsibly.

I am thankful for a warm home and cabinets with food.

I am thankful, for family and friends.

I am thankful for  younger brothers who have a wonderful sense of humor...