Sunday, November 21, 2010

When my Storm Blew Pink, chapter 2

When my storm blew pink

This is a link to chapter 2 of what is to be a series of videos dealing with when I went through my battle with breast cancer back in 2008. I'm fine now- but my desire is to help everyone that I can in all ways that I can.  When I went through my personal battle I did a lot of writing, whether it was online blogs or newspaper columns. The videos are readings from those writings.
The thought behind the videos was to make it more real. Thinking that if you could see the person behind the writings it would be more than mere words on a page.
 Trying to make the video is an adventure in itself. Being one that prefers to be behind the scenes placing myself up front is a bit uncomfortable. But, as I said, I want this to be more real so I will adjust and learn.
Trying to get the camera in just the right position is fun. I'm doing all of this myself so I'm using a Relay for Life banner as the first thing seen and last thing as I walk into and out of the scene. Then if I don't make mistakes in creating the video--which usually happens which means repeated attempts until I get an acceptable video--I have to get the video uploaded into the computer and saved. I'm learning how to create movies with the computer and get those posted to youtube.
If you get a chance- take a look at the video. Let me know what you think- and if you know someone that may benefit frm seeing the videos- then by all means share them.
I'll be posting updates as to when the next video is up-

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