Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be Still

The rain falls

and the path, washed away

blinded by raindrops

or is it teardrops

I stumble, falling into the mud

swirling about my feet

struggling, I stand

covered in rainwater and mud

I see myself reflected in the windows

raindrops leaving trails streaking downward

as my life

spiraling swiftly down

how, how I had fallen so far

how, how do I rise from this

slow steps forward

hunched over against the cold

as the rain runs down my cheeks

down my back

I shiver from the feeling

tremble in the heartache

how, had I fallen this far?

darkness surrounds me

the only sound, that of the rain

falling, striking pavement, striking mud

striking my chilled face as I turn to look skyward

only the grey of the clouds

and the falling rain

Seeking shelter from the rain

sanctuary from the suffering

I stumble on

Be still

Be still and know

Words forming in a broken heart

a warmth beginning

deep inside

Be Still

Be still and know

know ..what?

That I am God

I am with You

even until the end of the age

Surreptitious glances around me

no one stands near

no one pays mind

to the bedraggled soul

standing in the rain

Be still

Be still and know

What is it that You wish?

Why is it, You speak to me now?

I stand here, in this rain

the storms breaking around me

I too, am broken

in spirit, in heart

lost to this place, lost to the dark

what is it, that You want of me

Be still

be still and know

that I Am

Build Your house upon me

no storm can tear down, what is built on the Rock

The trembling in my heart


understanding, of what I had been seeking

a light, dawning before me

healing love, flows through me

as I stand, in the rain

not so cold now

as I listen, hearing the voice of the Lord God

speaking to me

Be Still

Be still and know

I am, the Bread of Life, I am the Living Water

Partake of this and need no more

Falling to my knees I cry

cradling my face in my hands, I cry

Lord my God, how I have sinned

how I have fallen so far

forgive me I cry, I was wrong, I understand now

my heart repeating the mantra

in my heart, I feel the warmth begin

I feel the changes, begin

dawn's light begins to brighten the sky

as the rain ceases to fall

standing from the rain

I know, I am changed

never to be the same


even as mud clinging to my person

washed away by the last few raindrops

my soul, is cleansed, washed clean in the knowledge

saved in the merciful grace

I am different, I am new

I stand amazed, I kneel, humbled

Be still

and know

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