Saturday, November 27, 2010

the greatest of love

Your blessings surround me

I hear You in the sounds

in the songs of the bird

in the songs of the wind

they sing to me

remind me

of Your great love

Your blessings surround me

in the beauty of this place

stretching out before me

fields and mountains

oceans and streams

their majesty breath taking

reminding me

of Your great love

Your blessings surround me

in the colors of this place

wildflower and show flower carpeting the ground

trees blooming in spring

covered in a blaze of glory in autumn

reminding me

of Your great love

simple things

beautiful things

glorious things

all that work perfectly

as You planned

creations that provide food

that provides shelter

that provides drink

a body that works in a wondrous way

things that should not work, but do

Your blessings surround me

as I look into a never-ending sky

crystal clear blue during the day

filled with an uncountable number of stars

in a deep field of black in the night

making me feel small in comparison

as I stand in breathless wonder

looking out, seeing just how

I am surrounded by Your blessings

proof unmatched

of Your great love.

I hold in my hand, Your Word

filled with Your truth

filled with Your instruction

explaining, teaching, giving hope

where hope had grown weak

Your Word, Your truth

telling of Your love

a love so great that You sent Your Son

a love so great, You would spare not even Him

from death's horrors

spilling His blood on a cross

for us, those You love so greatly

I stand, surrounded by Your blessings

knowing what Christ Jesus did for me

how he died, How He rose again

paying the price

out of love

paying the price

that I may live eternal

standing always surrounded

by the greatest of love

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