Wednesday, November 17, 2010

yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

We were warned last week that we had extremely important company coming for a visit today where I work. Even though we had recently done a big cleaning in our department, the nature of our work tends to invite mess. We make specialty yarns. Its not just a sewing thread, straight yarn type thing. Our yarns have loops and designs and all manner of different things that make it special. But--with all the differences, it creates a tendency for materials to collect around the machines and in the aisles. So, even though we had just cleaned, we really needed to clean again.

and clean we did.

We organized, we trashed, we swept, we straightened boxes and buggies and cans. Everything that was where it was supposed to be, was made sure to be in straight organized lines. Everything was made to be sure it was where it was supposed to be and not simply left where it was after a job was finished.

I hurt

all over

My son was able to work today and yesterday thanks to our visitors coming. He worked just as hard as a full time permanent employee, harder than some of them. He does tend to have an interesting way of doing some things, but I guess that's true for all of us. He learned how to use the computer that generates the labels for the boxes today. (I need to get around to doing that myself)

Finally..our company showed up. There was a large entourage strolling through the plant. They skipped our department and made this big circle around, coming through our area last. We were holding our breath hoping that everything looked as good as we thought it did. They strolled along, looking at all the stuff they were passing. They stopped and looked closer at some things, passing by others.

Finally they moved on. We were at last able to exhale. Then we had to wait and see what they thought.

It was several hours before we found out that our visitors were impressed. They really liked what they saw. Making comments about how much you could tell about a company by their housekeeping. Our department hadn't really been all that messy-- just cluttered. Now its uncluttered. I really, honestly hope we can keep it this way. It would be so much easier on this old body.

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