Thursday, April 5, 2012


Listen to the falling rain,

watch it through the window

from the doorway

standing outside, feeling it fall upon your face

hiding your tears

the tears that are falling due to the pain

brought on by missing the one lost

Feel the emptiness, that vacant place

within your heart

listen to the memory of a voice

the sounds of laughter

the whispers of secrets shared

feel the memory of the brush of breath

against your ear, against your cheek

promises made, given in assurance


the pain so intense, missing

Listen to the rain

drumming on the window

streaking the panes, obscuring the view

of the world outside, hiding

the view of the landscape

hiding the view

of a life that goes on, some how


feel the emptiness

no longer the closeness

no longer the touch on the cheek

on the shoulder, on the arm

physical touch may be gone

but not the memory, not the touch on the heart

missing, missing

the laughter, the song, the presence

gone too soon..

Listen to the rain

wishing, for the sound

of that voice

wishing for the touch

just once more

but no

instead time is spent

listening to the rain


that special piece of heart



In our life, we will all, have all been touched in some way by cancer. We have watched friends, family, coworkers fight their battles. We have watched the struggles as they underwent diagnoses then come to grips with what they faced. We have watched, stood close, ready to help, to be the caregiver if needed as they underwent surgery and treatments. We brought meals, gave rides, gave comfort and support. We gave as they fought. We have watched..and prayed.

In our life, we have watched those that are diagnosed, that fight the good fight, but lost. Even as they gave it all they had and then some. It just wasn't enough. Losing weight. Losing hair. Losing after they simply could not fight any longer.

In our life, we have all been touched by cancer. We will be touched more than once by cancer. Those that are diagnosed- that fight will be changed. We that care for them...will be changed.

I am a cancer survivor. I have friends that are cancer survivors. I know some that are currently fighting, and sadly.. some that lost, that have gone on before us. They have gone missing from our life, their smile, their laugh, their presence here gone, now but a memory and a special feeling in our heart.

I support the ACS and Relay for Life because I want to help raise awareness of the effects of cancer on us all. I want to help raise funds for research and all of the programs that the ACS has to help fight cancer and to help the many warriors among us.

Please consider joining your local Relay for Life, if that isn't possible, help me support mine. Please consider sharing your talent, your time, your gifts, your us help the warriors, help us beat cancer and keep others from going missing too soon..

Monday, April 2, 2012

just one more

Just one more day

is what I long for

one more day with you

hearing your voice

seeing your smile once more

just for one more day

watching your playfulness

hearing your laugh

getting that expected, unexpected hug

just one more, one more

is what I long for

a long walk down that familiar path

tossing pebbles into the creek

watching minnows dart away

watching the sunlight reflect

dancing along the ripples

just one more

moment on the swing, listening to the birds

watching the butterfly and dragon fly

as they dart and dance

sitting quietly, savoring the moment

riding in the car, listening to the latest tales

adventures only you could have

laughing at mishaps, only you could have

wiping away tears due to lost loves

lost friends, lost pets, movies that bring out the tears

guarding your back when the monsters come

checking the closets, under the bed, behind the chair

just one more time, how I long to check for you

just one more time

cheering you on at your favorite sport

cheering with you for your favorite teams

sharing a meal, even when I don't care for the choice

I enjoy the company

one more time

one more day

a moment spent

just one more

just one more

with you....

I participate in Relay for Life in the hopes that I am helping to raise money that will go to research, go to the doctors, go to the cancer centers, go to the things that are set up to help the cancer warrior as they fight..that all of these, some of this will in some way help to give someone that one more day...that can be spend with the people that they treasure the most. That grandparents, parents, children, friends, family will not be separated by the evil beast that is cancer. Won't you consider joining us? Won't you consider helping out with a donation, help that one person (or even more) have that one more day, celebrate one more birthday...