Sunday, October 31, 2010

Walks of adventure and healing- let the fun begin

Over the course of the summer I have walked every chance I could get. My walks are where I find a peace and relaxation that I cannot find sitting here either on the computer or watching television. Out there, away from distractions is a special place. Out there, is where I have found healing and blessings.

As a youth I played in the woods around this house. I knew then and I know now every path, man made or animal made. Many adventures imaginary and real took place in these woods. People were saved, discoveries were made, fantasy creatures wandered about freely. As a teen the woods were the place I sought refuge from all those teen woes. Whether it was a battle with my parents or feeling ostracized by peers. When a bad marriage finally fell apart, the woods were again where I came to heal. At one point the time spent in the woods grew to be less and less. There was always something more important to be done.

I am a four year cancer survivor. While I was going through the battle I began walking again. It helped with the healing, it helped with distracting me from the fears and worries of the fight I was in. Every time I walked, I carried my camera. I have photographed as many of the blessings I found along the way as I could. At one point I began to notice something. The butterfly and bees that I loved to photograph were accepting my presence. Instead of flying off to a different flower, they went about their business as if I were not there. That in itself was an amazing feeling. I had challenged myself to try and get "the" bee shot. So far I've gotten close but haven't gotten the one shot that would have me cheering with an "oh yeah! Got it!!" Still, the fact that they allow me to get right in the middle of them and I haven't even been threatened by them is a thrill.

There have been some interesting birds that have paid visits to my dad's big fishing puddle. I have some photographs, but again, not THE photograph. I'll keep trying. The maddest I have gotten is when the hawk was on a swing frame behind the house and I didn't know it in time to try and get a picture.

Recently a young squirrel has become quite the ham. It plays and does squirrel acrobatics showing off for the camera. It has no fear of me. I don't think that is a good thing for the squirrel. If it begins to trust people too much its very life is threatened. I think though that right now its being young helps, but I have been known to be wrong before. So I may photograph the squirrel but I don't try to tame it. That would be a cruel thing to do.

A lot has been going on since last I blogged. I hope to get here more often. Other places I've blogged has left me unhappy and dissatisfied. Hopefully that will change with my posts here. If you enjoy dirt road stories, simple things, peaceful things. That is what will be here. I'll discuss the dirt road, my books of which there are now 3, my son and my family's adventures as simple as they may be..because some times, those are the best kind. I'll discuss the critters real and....not.. here on the Dirt Road. I hope you'll join me.