Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dear American People

Dear American People,
What in the world, is the matter with you? Do you realize that you are acting like a massive bunch of spoiled children? ALL of you. The world is watching you by the way... and they are laughing at us. As I watch and read the reports of the riots, protests and how some are acting towards others, I can only hang my head and cry. That and ask, what in the world, is the matter with you?
You don't like the outcome of the elections, I get it. You don't like President-elect Trump, I get that too. Other than dislike, I realize that there are other various emotions boiling over, or simmering inside. The thing is, you...are....acting...ridiculous. You are not handling this in anything even remotely resembling a mature fashion.
First off let me ask you, did you vote? Did you bother to get up and take yourself down to the poll and cast a vote? It doesn't matter if you voted early or mere moments before they closed the doors, what matters is, did you vote? If you didn't, then you shouldn't be out there showing yourself as you played no part in the decision. Did you vote, and your choice not get elected? It happens, get over it. There have been times when I have voted and my choice not get elected, I didn't run out and start screaming and crying or hiding in my bedroom crying and wailing out my sorrows. I didn't join others and go burn things in the highway.. that's a really good way to get run over by the way. Just so you know. That comment about going to play in traffic, that was and is supposed to be just an expression, an old insult. You aren't really supposed to go and play in traffic trying to disrupt the flow and possibly preventing someone from getting emergency care. You may prevent the police from getting to a call and saving a life. Get out of the road..please.
 College kids, you need to grow up a bit here. One, the world did not end with this election and colleges who are babying you are doing you no favors. We've done a great injustice to you and those before and after you with the 'everyone included' actions when we give all who play a sport a trophy. It takes away from the worth of the trophy and it gives the players no incentive to try harder. We have handed everything to you, built up your self esteem to the point where you feel entitled to anything and everything being your way. Nope, sorry.. grow up and take a look at the real world. Some times, many times, things happen that we don't like. Things happen that we don't expect, things happen.. grow up and accept it.
 Trump supporters, stop it. Some of you are acting like insensitive bullies. You are badgering people, you are destroying private property, you are giving grief to others, just because you think you can. So what if someone you know, someone you run across, someone that you are related to voted for Hillary? That gives you no right to act as you are. You are handing them the very things they feared, stop it. Grow up and act like an adult. Grow up and in maturity, accept that Trump is the President-elect and walk away from the redneck actions that you have been doing. There are a lot more people than you know, who are watching. Do you honestly want your kids to see you acting so when you have told them not to act in such a manner? People are watching, people are seeing and people are not liking what they see. We try to stop our children from being a bully in school, now we as the adult need to stop being the bully just because of how someone voted.
 Clinton supporters, you're no better. You've cried fowl, you've demanded that Trump be removed, you've signed petitions demanding that Hillary be made president. You've screamed for the Electoral College to be done away with or in the very least changed. You've marched, you've blocked roads, you've called names and thrown punches.
 Each and every one of you are in some way all a part of what is going on. The world is watching you. I can only try and imagine what every veteran who has ever served this country must be thinking and how they must be feeling as they watch you scream, threaten and burn flags. How their heart must break and tears fill their eyes. You are all an embarrassment and you all need to stop and behave.
 I know that some are afraid, afraid that rights they have will be taken away. Some fear that the life they are accustomed to is going to change. It probably is.
 We don't know what will happen with Donald Trump as president. I do not for one moment think that all of the gloom and doom that is being predicted will come to be. I don't believe that he will set human rights back a hundred years. I don't believe, that you are accomplishing anything with the way you are acting other than to give all of those in other countries reason to laugh at us. Grow up, please.
 We need to stop the foolishness and start working together. We need to stop our actions of hate, anger and fear and hand in hand move to rebuild and return this country to what it is, an amazing and wonderful place, where we can all live in peace...together. As one people, in one nation, under God. Together. But we have to grow up first and get over ourselves.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Good Morning President-elect Trump (extended version)

                                    (the original version ran the morning after the election on Facebook)
good morning President(-elect) Trump
As I type this, I am listening to your acceptance speech. Your words sound good, no, your words sound wonderful. How is your follow through going to be? One nation united is an incredible thought. It is a hope and a dream of many. Can you, will you, President -elect Trump, bring this to be? Over the course of time, much has been done to divide the people of this great nation. We have been pitted against one another through race, age, religion, occupation, sexual orientation, you name it, it has been used to create division. How sir, can you heal this gaping wound? Is it even possible at this point? Without trying to sound like one who follows and believes the many conspiracies that one can find around every corner, I cannot help but believe that much of the division is a deliberate act created by one or many. Divide and conquer? I hope not, but I wander, how sir, can you bring us back together? To a point where we are one, where we can and will work together for the common good and not for the individual good?
Many people fear you, fear what you may do, fear that instead of moving this land and its people forward, you will shove them backwards. What say you to them sir? How do you plan on calming the fears of those who are afraid?  I will be honest here, and admit that I did not watch the debates, nor have I kept up with all of the comments and plans that were made by you or by Hillary Clinton. I will say that many others did. Many who have said that you plan on deporting all who are not American. (Do I interject here that if you were to try and deport everyone not of this land, then you must deport all but the Native American for all the rest of our ancestors came from somewhere else... but again, I wander) Sir, there are many hard working individuals who are here legally and who have contributed a great deal to the economy and to the building of this land and its products. What sir, do you say to them? Do you plan on deporting all of other nationality, or only those who are here  illegally? How sir, will you calm their worries and share with us your plan?
 There are those President-elect Trump, who have said that you are going to undo all of the progress that has been made in this country. That you will remove and destroy the rights of many. What say you sir to them? While I have been keeping up with many news reports and I have watched how in the not too distant past there have been groups that have themselves taken us back into a past where no one would want to go. I have watched the riots on the news, with people blocking roads and destroying the property of others. I have watched in disbelief as it seemed that we had fallen into a surreal Twilight Zone episode. No one was fully right, no one fully wrong, but it was not a move that would have produced real progress. It was not a step forward. This has been happening before you were elected, but it is something placed in your hands. Many have said that you will destroy women's rights, even though I have read many reports and watched many videos of how schools have discriminated against female students and their manner of dress even when that manner was modest. This was again, before you, yet it is now in your hands- what sir, will you do in the face of this? Especially in the light of the things you, yourself have been accused of having said and done.
 You have said that you plan on putting people back to work. Many have grown accustomed to having everything given to them. I recall a time when people would have been embarrassed for others to find out that they were having to use food stamps or be on welfare, but now it seems a given. How can you change what people have grown so used to? How can you put people to work, who are no longer seeking employment? How will you get the many off of the welfare rolls even knowing that they won't go easily?
How do you plan sir, Mr. President-elect, on making a reality the promises you offer? Considering the fact that you have made many promises and listed many plans. How will you carry through on this agenda you have brought to us? We as a people spoke sir, we as a people have put our trust in you and what you have promised. What will you sir, do with our trust now that you have been elected? There are many who, as I know you know, are protesting the results of this election. Many are making threats, many are carrying signs and there are those shouting that you are not their president. How sir, do you plan on bringing us all together in the face of that?  You have a hard battle ahead of you sir, your road is not going to be an easy one to travel and the work difficult as long as there are those who so vehemently oppose you. It is my hope, that you choose your cabinet and support carefully and with great forethought. I hope and pray that you surround yourself with those of like mind who are determined to make this country great again. Will you sir, listen to us, should we be concerned over something planned? Will you hear our voice, the one we used on election night, if we speak up for or against something?  If we are concerned over the protection of the natural beauty of this land, of its inhabitants be they human or animal, of the air or water, will you hear us, or will you listen more to the big corporations that wish to risk the safety of the inhabitants? What will be more important? The people of this land or the big money?
I would like you to know, Mr. President -elect Trump, that I as an individual, are praying for you, are praying for you, your family, your cabinet and this country. I am praying that what you are promising, of a country united, will come to be. I am praying, that the fear, the confusion, the discontent, will fade away, and we will be American strong. I am praying sir, that you will have answers and that those answers will calm the fears and concerns and that we can move forward.  That you sir, and this country, will step up- together- and unite and rebuild, by the merciful grace of God.
Congratulations lets prepare to get to work...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If you want If you want your choice, vote, if you want your say- vote!

 For what they are worth, here are my thoughts.
 We are closing in on the final hours for voting. I hope that you have voted. I hope that you have thought long and hard and through research, have became as informed of a voter as you possibly could.  A lot of people that I know, as well as myself and my husband, voted early. Today I have seen many wearing those "I voted" stickers. I was told by one person that they waited approximately forty-five minutes to vote. I haven't asked anyone else what their waiting time was. Whether you are able to simply walk right in and get your ballot, or if you have to wait in one of those slow crawling lines, into a packed house, its worth it because it is important. We have that right, we have that privilege. We need to exercise that privilege. Vote!
Either way, in a few hours, we will have an answer. We will know, who it is that is our next president.
Both of these individuals have their own plans, their own agenda. Whether these plans are good or bad, whether they, as president, are going to make things better or not, is yet to be seen. All through the course of this election process, we have seen the worst of both. We have seen ugliness in them and in the supporters of both. We have also seen good. We have heard many things that we want to hear, will they carry through? Again, that is yet to be seen. Do you want to give them the opportunity to try? Vote!
 Here is the thing as I see it. No matter who wins, there are those who are going to be unhappy. This election has apparently drawn a line, there are his or her supporters, and they are rabid in their support. I've read attacks online from one about the other. Civil discussions seem impossible the supporters are that set in stone. The comments are cruel, the comments are vicious, the attacks very unnecessary. Do you want to do what you can to help make your choice win? Attempt to help your choice be the next president? Vote!
No matter who wins, and someone will win. No matter who it is, the important thing that we need to do, is pray. Pray for this country. Pray for its leaders. Pray that we find our feet on the path that is right. We must find our way back to respect for others. We must find our way back to compassion for others. We must find our way back to responsibility for ourselves and for those around us.  This country was built by those who had no fear of work. In its infancy, for one to have a home, one had to build it, or have the help of neighbors gathering together and putting a home or barn up together. To eat, one must plant or work and purchase what they could not grow or build themselves.  One took care of their families and their neighbors. They did not even consider depending on the government to do it for them.
Once upon a time, it was an embarrassment to depend on the government to provide. Now so many are dependent on those provisions and have forgotten any work ethics once held.
 But I wander, we need to pray from the position of our knees, and ask for leaders who will lead into a new day. Where we will see this country and its people as they should be. But that will only happen if you Vote, and if you pray.