Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If you want different..vote. If you want your choice, vote, if you want your say- vote!

 For what they are worth, here are my thoughts.
 We are closing in on the final hours for voting. I hope that you have voted. I hope that you have thought long and hard and through research, have became as informed of a voter as you possibly could.  A lot of people that I know, as well as myself and my husband, voted early. Today I have seen many wearing those "I voted" stickers. I was told by one person that they waited approximately forty-five minutes to vote. I haven't asked anyone else what their waiting time was. Whether you are able to simply walk right in and get your ballot, or if you have to wait in one of those slow crawling lines, into a packed house, its worth it because it is important. We have that right, we have that privilege. We need to exercise that privilege. Vote!
Either way, in a few hours, we will have an answer. We will know, who it is that is our next president.
Both of these individuals have their own plans, their own agenda. Whether these plans are good or bad, whether they, as president, are going to make things better or not, is yet to be seen. All through the course of this election process, we have seen the worst of both. We have seen ugliness in them and in the supporters of both. We have also seen good. We have heard many things that we want to hear, will they carry through? Again, that is yet to be seen. Do you want to give them the opportunity to try? Vote!
 Here is the thing as I see it. No matter who wins, there are those who are going to be unhappy. This election has apparently drawn a line, there are his or her supporters, and they are rabid in their support. I've read attacks online from one about the other. Civil discussions seem impossible the supporters are that set in stone. The comments are cruel, the comments are vicious, the attacks very unnecessary. Do you want to do what you can to help make your choice win? Attempt to help your choice be the next president? Vote!
No matter who wins, and someone will win. No matter who it is, the important thing that we need to do, is pray. Pray for this country. Pray for its leaders. Pray that we find our feet on the path that is right. We must find our way back to respect for others. We must find our way back to compassion for others. We must find our way back to responsibility for ourselves and for those around us.  This country was built by those who had no fear of work. In its infancy, for one to have a home, one had to build it, or have the help of neighbors gathering together and putting a home or barn up together. To eat, one must plant or work and purchase what they could not grow or build themselves.  One took care of their families and their neighbors. They did not even consider depending on the government to do it for them.
Once upon a time, it was an embarrassment to depend on the government to provide. Now so many are dependent on those provisions and have forgotten any work ethics once held.
 But I wander, we need to pray from the position of our knees, and ask for leaders who will lead into a new day. Where we will see this country and its people as they should be. But that will only happen if you Vote, and if you pray.

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