Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Weekend to Remember- part 4-- the ride home

After the concert we made our way back to the hotel and a hoped for night's rest. It was going to be a long ride home, hopefully though it wouldn't be in the rain. We didn't stop anywhere for a meal, thinking that there had to be a snack machine in the hotel and crackers would be fine. (Hubby's idea not mine, but I wasn't arguing). Parking the car we grabbed everything we had taken with us and carted it all in to the room. I then went off in search of...something. I did find a snack machine across from the front desk. I bought a candy bar, and a pack of chocolate covered cake like things. I had also rescued a cinnamon/ raisin biscuit from earlier that morning from the glove box of the car. Please all you dieticians get up from the floor, it was a one night thing. My husband had already showered and had coffee ready by the time I got back. After our highly non - nutritious meal, we called it a night. I showered, remembering his warning that it didn't take much cold water to cool down the hot- and he was right-and made my way toward the bed. I had slipped around when hubby wasn't looking and turned the ac over to fan. He wasn't freezing me no matter how hot he thought it was. I set the alarm on my watch since the clock on the clock radio in the room  wouldn't set and called it a night.
 Watch alarms are strange, at least mine is. That thing was so excited about being set, that instead of waiting until the 6:30am at which I had set it, the thing went off several times during the night. It would only beep once, but that was enough to bring me out of a deep sleep into a confused state of  "What now?"

 I actually beat my husband up, (got up before him to be precise)  I wanted to be up early to get my contacts in without having to listen to and respond to a conversation that would be more rant that chat. It wasn't easy. I'm accustomed to this little routine here, I place this huge white towel over my desk, I have a cute pink teddy that holds my mirror and I place my contacts case, solution and paper towel next to that. I'm close to and looking down into the mirror. Oh, and I have a lamp beside.. behind me. Here I was, hand towel over the sink, all my gear beside me, and me trying to lean in close and see in this huge mirror where I was not looking down but almost up. I did however finally mange to get everything in place and went to wake up hubby. We needed to get everything in the car, breakfast out of the way, checked out and on the road. We would soon be burning daylight and I wanted to get home. According to hubby, we had things to do there.

 For once we actually had not taken much so it didn't take long to get it stacked into the back seat of the car. Carrying my camera bag, purse and the room keys we returned to the hotel and made our way to breakfast. It was simple, eggs and biscuits and gravy. They also had cereal and toast and muffins. The waffle thing was either out of order or out of batter, either way, there were no waffles to be had that morning.  As we checked out I asked and was given permission to take a few photos of the inside. We chatted a while before I signed the paperwork and we made our way back to the car. One thing I will carry with me is just how nice everyone was there. From the moment we checked in, to my wandering around bored out of my skull while hubby napped, to waiting for concert time, to every moment, everyone we met was incredibly nice. We asked for two more pillows, boom, two more pillows. We, hubby, managed to lock us out of the room, boom, another room key..If we wanted to chat, they were available.  If only it was that way everywhere. They were this friendly, and still got their work done.

  Climbing into the car, we headed toward home. The lady at the desk made the comment that she hoped we had a safe drive back and that the sun would be at our back. I didn't bother to respond that we would be headed east and that the sun rose in the east, just to see the sun would be a joy compared to the rain we had left on Friday. My husband said that he knew the way, just to turn left and head out, we would hit a certain road and that would take us to another one that would be our main ride home. He did not tell me how far I would have to drive to find the first road. We kept passing signs for it, just didn't seem to ever be going to reach it. Finally it appeared over the horizon. We pulled onto it and started only for him to tell me that up ahead was a truck stop and we could get a thermos of coffee there. That taken care of we were off and running again. This was going to be a lot of down hill driving. This was going to be a lot of down hill driving with people who rode their brakes, who raced the trucks, Truck driver who paid no mind to those great big letters painted on the highway that read no trucks this lane. Usually stuff such as this makes me nervous, but today, I was fine. Even when the energy truck from Kentucky rode right up on the tailpipe of my explorer and stayed there.

 I did fine the entire ride, the car handled nicely, it was doing fairly well on fuel consumption,  there were no problems. Right up until we reached the town of Shelby. I pulled up to a traffic light and stopped, and the car died. Dead. Completely. Won't crank, nope, ain't going to. I found the emergency flashers and kept trying. Cars were going by us, trucks were passing us on the right. Finally it caught and I pulled it into gear and pulled away. We made it to the next gas station where I pulled in, hands trembling horribly and drove up to the pumps. Pumps that held no regular gas. We topped it off (I still had half a tank) hoping the higher grade octane would clean out anything that might be blocking the fuel filter. I can't help but believe that I pushed my baby too hard even though it was down hill.
 Pulling into the driveway I happily turned the key to the done position and opened the door. Home, we were home. I began carrying stuff in just to get that out of the way. Of course the furthest most of it got was to the chair in the living room, but at least it was inside. I called and spoke briefly with my mother, my parents live next door and help keep an eye on the place, and let her know we were home. Our son was at the race and I had no idea when he would get back and I wasn't calling as that would be a waste of time. One simply cannot hear a conversation over the roar of engines. 

 There were a few hours of daylight left, I went out with mom. James got back from the race. My husband and I made a run to Sam's Club. I cooked dinner and made to call the day done. The next morning, full realization hit. The weekend was over, I had fallen back through the looking glass from fun and excitement to the ordinary. It was back to work for both me and my husband. Even as the sounds of the music and singing along with the screams from the crowd still sounded in my ears. Even as my heart still raced and the excitement flowed within, the ordinary was back. Responsibility was back. But the joys, the good times, the special things that made this past weekend one to remember, will not ever fade. I only hope, that it won't take another six years before we can do it all again.

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