Monday, October 10, 2016

A weekend to remember.. part two---I know people

I know people.. that is what I was told. Its true you know? I know people. I know people who give it all in the face of danger. They  don the uniform of their choice of service branch. They don the uniform of the police department they chose to serve with. They don the uniform of paramedic, fire fighter, doctor, nurse humanity at its best. They go out into the world, whether distant or local and they risk everything and only hope to make a difference and go home at the end of the shift. I know some of these people, and I will support them, and appreciate them with all I have in me.
I know people. I know people of different backgrounds, races, ages, faiths, education levels, financial levels and any other level. I know them, I don't classify them. I don't put them in a certain space and only visit when I feel they are worthy of attention. They are human, they have feelings, they have heart. I watch them as they reach out to others and seek to make and be a difference. I am happy and proud to know these people.
I know people. I know people who have become wealthy through various means. I know people who struggle from paycheck to paycheck. I know people who are working and managing to make it with a few dollars left over. I know people who travel in big suv's, small toy cars or even scooter or bicycle. I know people who live in giant houses, those who live in the more scaled down variety, mobile homes or tents. Each and every one bleed the same color. More dollars or more square feet, does not make them better, less does not make them less.
People are people to me, as long as they are respectful of others, don't stir the pot of drama too often and are honest and respectful toward me, I will do the same for you and call you friend. I will call you one of the people I know.
I meet some really cool people. I cannot stand to stay in a closed hotel room. I tend to get claustrophobic, so I wander the halls, go outside, go back inside, go toward the front desk, just wandering. On one of my wanderings, I ran into, not literally, an interesting gentleman whose name escapes me. He had all of the appearances of and the needed rides, to be a biker. His wife's name is Robin. We stood and talked for the longest just outside of the sliding hotel doors. They were supposed to be headed for various parts of Florida, the various parts which were all in the paths of the hurricane. They had no current news and were not sure of the conditions of the area so they were taking it a day at a time and living the adventure. While we talked, and I do tend to talk with my hands, I managed to keep opening the sliding doors due to waving my had too close to the sensors. I ended up moving part way around the corner of the building to keep from wearing them out. I received a call from my husband, he hoped that I had a key- nope- well we were locked out of the room as the door had slammed closed behind him.  Saying good-bye to and wishing my new people a safe trip I hurried through the sliding doors and to the front desk to get another key.
Now, what was that all about? One of the many people, had told me that they would see we got backstage. People are not infallible, things happen, communication is sometimes broken...or almost.
 We left the hotel two hours early for the venue. When we had made the mandatory run to wally world, we drove by the venue first, just to be sure we knew where we were going. There were lots of signs for event parking so we thought we had it all figured out. Now here we were, headed for the place. I'm not comfortable driving where I'm not familiar with the area, but I'm getting better. We drove down and when my husband said, 'pull in there' (at the first venue parking sign) I saw that it was VIP parking. There were several people, aka police officers and event staff, standing there so I rolled down my window and asked about parking. I was politely instructed on how to drive around behind the school and then I could park anywhere in the school lots. After driving around the building I managed to find a place very close to the entrance. (My husband is not a big walker)
We get to the door and there was security, my bags had to be checked, which I knew they would. I placed them on the table, pulled my purse from the camera bag and opened them both. They were briefly searched, there was no food or weapons so we were allowed in the door. We found a comfortable place to sit near the front windows to wait as the doors into the seating area were not open yet.
As we sat and chatted I watched the guy at the merchandise booth. I knew that was where the backstage passes would be. Finally when he wasn't busy I walked over and politely inquired about the passes. He checked the list he had and told me no, my name wasn't there sorry. Not friendly, not rude, just very businesslike. It was his job, and he did it well.  Not a problem. People get busy. I tried to make a call, no answer, but I expected that. I would hope for a call back.
I returned to sit beside my husband and people watch. He kept telling me he was sorry, but I told him it was fine. We were getting to see the show, that was enough. Funny thing is, I meant it.
Then, more people I knew came in. Friends I haven't seen in ages, well, since the last show we had been to which was nearly seven years ago. After hellos and hugs we were standing chatting, catching up on news and events when yet another special person walked in. I was told that yes, that was who I thought it was. Mark Miller's mother. Bless her beautiful heart, it had been the same seven years since I had seen her, would she remember me? (Some people, never forget the people they know) Oh yes, trust and believe when you know people. For a china doll sized lady, she gives a wonderful bear hug and has a heart bigger than all of Tennessee. Our conversation was brief and actually cut short when the lady walked up to take her back to Mark, but my night had just been made. Even if I didn't hear back, I was happy. I had seen several special, treasured and loved friends/ people in the span of a few moments and my heart was full.
 It was not long before this chime sounded and the announcement was made that the doors were opened and we could take our seats. My husband and I waited until the worst of the crush was past and then we made our way to our seats. My backside hadn't settled in good when my phone buzzed. I was getting that call back. Quick instructions to go back to see the guy at the booth, he had our passes. I told this to my husband and he rose as I did and we made our way back. He was watching for us and met me part way. He had the passes in his hand and when I said I was told he knew I was coming  he told me, this time. Still all business as he gave me the same instructions I had heard him giving everyone else. He knows his job, and he knows the importance of doing it right. I held no ill will toward him before, or ever. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I know that he knows that his job is to keep his people safe. No one can take offense to that.
Passes in hand, we took our places where he had instructed and waited. As we waited I watched as Mark's mother followed by a friend appeared once again. Someone called her a rock star in her own right.. and she is.
Then the word was given, we were to follow the leader back.....
We were going back stage baby! To see people ya know?

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