Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Weekend to Remember, Part three- Back Stage and Show Time Baby!

  I watched as our guide walked past us, I heard him giving instructions to the person at the door as he turned and walked back making sure everyone was following his instructions to us. My husband was ahead of me and we entered a room where we were told to form a semi-circle.  The room wasn't all that large, but it was plenty big enough for what was about to happen. It was filled with backstage stuff and even though I was curious, my attention was elsewhere. It had been almost seven years since I had spoken directly with most of the members, I wondered if they would remember this face. I knew they did last time, even though even more time had passed, but they had to have seen an ocean of faces over the years, was mine memorable?
                         (Photographer is Renee Smith, this is her photo of Shayne Hill)

 As we waited, I looked around the room and noticed several familiar faces. I wanted to speak with them, but I didn't want to upset the person who had shown us in, even though he was one I did not see at the moment. He, was all business and by all appearances, would take no insubordination such as getting out of line. I crossed my fingers and hoped for a moment afterwards to say hello.
                   (Not my photo, Renee Smith, took this photographing Mark, she just accidentally got us as well)

 It was only a few moments before the members of Sawyer Brown entered the room one at a time. Each making their way around the room, speaking and taking time with each individual. Autographs were signed, photos were taken, and a few words were shared, then they were gone, moving on to the next person waiting. Time was after all short and the concert was set to begin soon. They had to finish getting ready to go on stage and strut their stuff for the room full of people waiting. I won't lie in that it did make my night when I saw the recognition dawn in the face of one of them. He actually smiled and made me feel very welcome, not that the others did not. Then there was the one who He and his wife are friends on facebook and who I have regular conversations with. His kind words about my photography really set off the moment. It also made me want to get out there before winter sets in and kills off everything.

As quickly as they appeared, they were gone. A dear friend walked out with my husband and me and walked all the way to the doorway into the seating area. Telling me that they were taking off afterwards she mentioned that we would do it again soon. I hope so, I was impressed with this person before, their attitude, their heart and their smile always a moment of calm in a hectic, crazy place called social media.
My husband and I made our way to our seats. Not far from the doorway was a table covered in bottled water. My husband asked if I wanted one, with a quick response of yes please, he fetched the water for us both and through the door we went. The first time we had been here there was no one to cross over, this time there was but it wasn't a problem. Everyone was polite and helped us get past and to our places. Sitting there I glanced around. I had feared finding out seats before we arrived. I feared how they would be. this venue was nice though. It was not all that large and the way the seating was arranged, there wasn't a bad seat in the house. I had brought my cameras, and the cameras weren't a problem, until they announced that no flash photography was allowed. That wouldn't have been a problem either, but with these contacts, I can't see up close without my glasses, and then it helps if it isn't too dark. I did try to take a few photos, preventing the flash from firing, or putting the camera in a setting where I knew the flash wouldn't fire. unfortunately, distance and incorrect settings left for some bad shots.

Thing is........I really enjoyed watching and participating in the show by not seeing it through a viewfinder.
And what a show it was. From the very first chords, to the final waves good-bye, those guys rocked the house. At times it was a bit difficult to hear the music over the screams, hollering and whistles. People were clapping and singing along. We laughed, we swayed, we enjoyed every moment. They played old songs, new songs, rock songs and ballads. They goofed around  and took not themselves seriously, enjoying themselves as much as the audience was enjoying watching. By the end of the show, the house was on its feet and about as into what was going on as anyone could be.
I wondered how on earth I could have gone this long. I felt the years fade away as I, myself sang, shouted and clapped along. I had so missed this. By the time it was over, I was exhausted, but still wishing for more.
The room emptied fairly quickly, even as small as the walking area was, and as crowded as the room had been. As we left we helped ourselves to two more bottles of water, I needed it, and we moved on toward the doors to the outside. I glanced over at the merchandise table, but I didn't bother to wander over and purchase anything. I was tired, worn out from the work out and ready to head back to the hotel room. I didn't know if we were going to stop for anything to eat or not. I didn't know how heavy the traffic was, but I was glad we were parked close by. How quickly our time was coming to an end...

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