Monday, November 1, 2010

a right and a responsibility---vote--

         This may or may not be short. I tend to shy away from political things. I avoid political conversations like the plague. I've watched seemingly normal people become out of control and crazy because of a political discussion. But--I will discuss voting.

 I remember when I turned old enough to vote. I was so excited, I would finally be one of the many voices that were having their say. Unfortunately on the way to register- the last day to register, I tend to procrastinate, a really rough looking person pulled up beside of where I was walking and asked how old I was..big mouth said 'old enough' when he started to open his car door the friend I was with grabbed me by the arm and we hit the high road out of there. I didn't vote the first time I was eligible. Later though, I did get registered and I did get to have my say.

Do my votes count? Does anyone hear what I am trying to say? Yes.. my vote counts and while my one voice may not be loud enough to hear, when you add in many other voices, we get louder. We get heard.

If you do not like the way things are going in this country it is important to vote. It is imperative that you let those in office know you are unhappy. While we can write letters, send emails and call our Representatives, what really gets their attention is when time to vote comes around and the polls are showing just how unhappy we the voters are..

This country is one of the best places on this earth to live. We are blessed in many ways. The land is beautiful with plenty of it left uninhabited. Many are out there doing all they can to protect this land and its resources. Many people go into battle and die trying to protect this land.

We can go to the polls without fear. We can walk up and make our mark, state our opinions and make ourselves heard. If and when we vote.

I do hope that everyone that legally can- will- vote. It is a right, it is a responsibility. It is the only way we can make our leaders in Washington know we are really and truly unhappy. It is the only way we can bring about change and get this country back on track to greatness.

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