Thursday, November 18, 2010

A chain of events

I get home any time between 4 and 4:30 in the afternoon. It depends on when I crawl out of the plant. Today, thanks to a machine having been down and my trying to assist in getting it back up and running I was late leaving the building. That meant it was just after 4:30 when I got home.

I began carrying my massive amount of stuff back into the house from the car. I got all my stuff in the house and then started out to get firewood. That was when I noticed that something was not right with our dog Buddy. He was standing in an odd position and biting at his foot. Closer inspection revealed that he had somehow managed to get his foot caught in the chain. When I went to get him untangled he was not happy. It was obvious that it hurt. When he snapped at me and began to fight back I got him in a position to where I had hold of his shoulder and his head was on the other side of my arm. He couldn't bite me as long as I was able to hold him securely that way.

The problem is that Buddy is being confined by two chains attached by some kind of clip. It was the clip he was caught by. It took some very careful and considerate doing, careful wiggling and moving and shifting but I was finally able to free his foot.

Remember the story about the lions with a thorn in its paw? And how grateful it was? Buddy was jumping and dancing and totally overjoyed at his new freedom. I was glad to see that his foot wasn't injured and he didn't seem to have any psychological issues. But I will purchase a new chain. I've already bought one, I'm guessing that it is hung up somewhere down in the woods from where he got out the last time. It will simply be easier to go buy a new chain rather than search for this one. I'm hoping that in the mean time he will be more careful and not get caught again until I can get a new chain.. or get that kennel repaired..

Dogs- ya gotta love 'em.

Buddy is the blonde dog-(biting my tongue so as not to make blonde jokes) the Border Collie mix is Rambo

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