Saturday, June 2, 2012

All I need

I do not seek fame

for fame does not last

I do not seek wealth

fortunes untold

for they bring about their own problems

You cannot help but wonder

are these true friends

or those seeking to take advantage

of what ever I may have

I do not need nor want

a mansion in the hills

a manor by the bay

a yacht or fleet of cars

nor do I need an entourage

following me about

gushing over silly things

I want a heart filled with compassion

that is not afraid to cry

over the injustices of this world

that is not afraid to love

those that are around me

even those deemed unlovable

I want eyes that see

not only the things of beauty around me

but also the things of the darkness

that I may act

I want hands willing and not afraid to reach out

lifting up my brethren who have stumbled

assisting in simple, or complex ways

however I may

I want hands willing to reach out

to fight for right, to build up, to provide

I want wide, strong shoulders

to help carry a burden for another

to be a place to cry on, rely on

I want a walk that is close and personal

with the One who saved me

a faith strong enough to share

in the way I speak, in the way I walk, in the way I act

that others may see truth and love in action

I want a life that reaches out

caring more for others

less for me and what I may

or may not have

I want a love

that encompasses all

without fail

All I need

I am given

all I need

is to accept.

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