Wednesday, August 24, 2011

along the way

I walk with You

following Your lead

listening to Your voice

speaking quietly to me

asking me to see, the gifts left

along the way

along the way

I come to an understanding

better understanding

of what it means

a relationship with You

more than prayer

more than reading, spending time

in Your word

I walk with You

and along the way

I find more

along the way

I understand

that it was Your love

God's love

that brought You here

to walk among us, to spend time

with us

along the way

You taught, You healed

You showed the way

along the way

but they did not hear

did not understand

even as it was meant to be

had to be

as You paid the price

yet death could not hold You

as You rose and left the tomb

the borrowed tomb

that could not keep You

along the way

You spoke with many

at the side of the Father You wait

yet You are with me

along the way

I make my way

to You

with You

learning as I go

listening as I go

walking with You

along the way

realizing that You have forgiven

You have bought me

cleansed me

along the way

all along the way

You have loved me

now I know

now I understand

what it means

this relationship thing

with You

as we travel

along the way

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