Tuesday, August 16, 2011

how great

Gentle is the morning's beginning

day slowly reaching out across the brightening sky

the birds of the morning begin their songs

I watch and I marvel

Your glory, Your gifts always amazing

how great is Your love

You have created all, this place and these people

You have seen and do see, all that happens

You know, who it is that believes

and who suffers through the storms

I walk the paths of this place

I see around me, the gifts You have given

the gifts You continue to give

how great is Your love

in the beauty, in the peace

of here

how great is Your love

in the sending of Your son

for the redemption of Your people

Your forgiveness a blessing

the hunger for You, and Your love

a driving force, a gift to understand

how great, how great, is Your love

for those who call upon You

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