Sunday, August 28, 2011

getting there is half the fun

 A friend's blog just brought back a humorous memory of a vacation trip that we took and what happens when you ask directions.

We had been taking family vacations at the Outer Banks of NC. I love the barrier islands, the peace, the beauty, the quiet that can be found out on those islands. But my men wanted more. They wanted rides and games and action. Being that I was out voted we decided to take a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My husband had been there years before. I had never been and he thought that it was high time I went to the popular vacation spot. He just knew that James would love it there. So the plans and reservations were made. I got a map and directions from online mapping sites. I neatly put these into a notebook so that I could easily find and follow them. We packed up and headed out. Everyone was excited, we were going to the beach where excitement waited.

My husband was positive he remembered the way. Even though it had been well over a dozen years since he had been he knew he could get there without a problem. He thought wrong.

We were following the directions from online when my husband at one point decided that the directions were wrong. He decided to go the way he thought was right. Off we go down this road not listed in the directions. After we had driven for miles he decided that something wasn't right. So we stop at the first convenience store we come up on. James and I go in and I ask directions. The gentleman working inside smiles, it was obvious we were not the first lost souls to grace his business. He points us in what he says is the right direction and wishes us a good day. James and I get back in the car and pointed in the right direction we are off again.

After we had been driving a while, back on the right track with every road showing up in the directions my husband decides that a road we had come up on was a better route than the directions were giving us. I tried to tell him, begged him actually to stay on route but he knew better. One right turn later we are barreling down a road that was beginning to look frightening. He finally pulls into this back country looking store with a wooden front, a screen door and an old coke machine that had James looking at it totally bewildered. I was growing afraid, very afraid. Still I asked directions, even asked the gentleman if he would write it down. He did better, he drew a map. As James and I left I thought I heard a chuckle. I hoped it was because we were vacationers lost..not something sinister.

Following the directions we drove, and drove, and drove. It seemed like the road went on forever. Worse was that we were out in the country. There were no stores, no houses, no businesses of any sort. All we were seeing were trees and open fields. Still, we drove on. I tried not to voice my thoughts, but I finally did whisper, "I hope that we haven't been sent on some weird snipe hunt.." Finally after what seemed to be forever we reached the road the men had drawn on the map. Heaving a deep sigh of relief we were back on track.

This road took us to the beach. Eventually. By the time we were on the right road traffic had built up. What we were seeing is a never ending line of tail lights. Tail lights that were moving very very slow. When we finally reached the hotel we were all exhausted. We checked into the hotel, got all of our luggage into the room and realized it had been a very long time since we had eaten. My husband asked me to give him some of the cash we had brought. I looked at him confused...I thought you had it.

We had left ALL of our cash at home. Sitting pretty in an envelope on the kitchen table. A call to my parent's who live next door took care of the cash being deposited back in the bank. A check of the phone book found a branch of our bank in the area. Sixteen blocks away, in that slower than slow moving traffic.. but it was our bank and our vacation would be saved.

They say getting there is half the fun. I'll pass on that part thank you and let my fun start after we arrive..

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