Tuesday, August 2, 2011

close to You

I remember the struggle, the moments when

The darkness and cold surrounded me

fear was my companion, fear

of what was, fear of what could be

fear, of what would be

I trembled at the thoughts of a future

when I would stand before You, the most Holy

for I knew my sins

around my being I wore the shackles of shame

I suffered as I walked through my days, lost

alone, trapped in the sins of my own making

not knowing the way out, I wandered

feeling lost, feeling dirty


at the lowest point of my dispair

You called my name

I saw Your light shining brightly, so close

I fell to my knees before You, hiding my face in my shame

I knew my sins

then wonder of wonders, I felt Your touch on my heart

I heard You again call my name in compassion and love

forgive me, I cried, forgive me,

as the sobs and tears that had been locked away

broke free

I felt Your love covering me, drawing me close, to You

Your voice, filled my heart and Ilistened

as You told me Your story, why You had come

The Father's instructions and reasons

the love, all the love

Youtold of Your life here

You told of Your death here

at the hands of those You came for

but You had known

and You understand

I listened as the tears fell

from a healing heart

You told of walking from the tomb

Your job accomplished, death had lost

the curtain was torn

You reached out to me, lifting me

from the depth of my sins

Your shed blood washing away the stains of my sins

cleansed, I am cleansed

free, how free

as I walk with You, hear You speak in my heart

I sing in the light

I dance in the love

as I remain here

cleansed of sin, cleansed of shame

close to You

ever and always

close to You

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