Thursday, July 28, 2011


My voice I use for You

for it is You who has brought me here

to this point, this moment

where I can sing to You

praises for You, Lord and King

for I know, yes, I know

that it is You, and You alone

where my strength comes from

Storm clouds gather, darkening the skies

raining worry and fears

but I feel Your presence wrap around me

comforting me, drawing me to You

safe and secure I fear nothing

for I know, yes I know

You are Lord, You are King

in You, there is peace

in You, there is love

Your mercy and grace surround me

fill me with Your everlasting peace

My voice I use for You

speaking Your words

acknowledging the gifts You have given

I know Lord, yes I know

that You love me

are with me


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