Sunday, July 10, 2011

how I wish

Why, can you not


the pain that you cause

with your words

hateful, deliberate

in your anger

directed at me

shards sharp and painful

delivering the agony

you intend

does it make you feel


when you see my suffering

the wounds you inflict

with your treatment


intended, deliberate


always belittling

how can love survive

is there love left

after this

after this

can it survive


why do you not see

or do you

do you enjoy this

do you get your power there

in the strength of your anger

in the strength of your attack


the pain you inflict

you trample what was

kick the feelings, emotions

into the gutter of loss

love, no matter how strong


why do you not see

how I wish, you could see

how I wish you could understand

the pain you inflict

and the suffering

must you laugh at my tears

scoff at my tears

does this, your actions

does this, your words

make you feel stronger

when you see, my pain

as a little more inside


and dies

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