Saturday, July 16, 2011


Times, there are times,always there

waiting in the shadows,watching

for a moment of weakness

a moment, when you feel,


waiting and watching, anticipating

that moment

when you are in need of something

yet no one knows

no one sees

as you weep in secret

hurt in silence

hiding the feelings of pain

locking it deep inside

but it is there, waiting

for that moment

the pain waits, the emptiness lurks

awaiting the opportunity

to swallow you alive

drag you down into an abyss of sorrow

darkness and cold surround you

as you shiver and cry

longing for something unspoken

as you lock it away, hide it away

suffer alone in the pain

during those moments those all encompassing times

when you feel


and you wonder

if anyone knows

anyone sees

any one cares

even as you know

in your heart, deep in your heart

you are not, ever, fully alone

the shame of your emotions

leaves you hiding away

wishing for wishes

wishing for the moment

when you once again

no longer, no more feel


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