Tuesday, July 12, 2011

wishing, for one more time

Put out to pasture

resting here, alone

feeling the grass growing up around me

the quiet unnerving

small animals move about

making their home in me

and I cry

I miss the feel of the road beneath my tires

I miss the song they sing

the music they make

as they play the highway

white lines flowing past quickly

guard rails my boundary

landscapes and cityscapes

my movies of life

I miss the battles of fighting traffic

struggling against time

deadlines and timelines

log books and rule books

I miss the truck stops

and the variations of life there

the good and the bad

rest stops and pull offs

weigh stations and toll booths

all played a part

all I miss

the sound of the cb blaring out loud

cussing and fussing

jokes that you wouldn't share

all there

out on the highway I miss

storms pounding; thunder and rain

washing away road grime

snow and ice falling fast

slipping, moving to find safety

parked while the worst passes

keeping my thousands of pounds off the highway

away from the traffic

away from those, that do not comprehend the danger

windshield wipers moving

keeping time

as the big engine idles

rumbling, keeping the cab warm

the driver safe

smokestacks clapping to the sounds

music only one with the road understands

yet in this field

I sit

waiting the passing of time

rusting here

missing there


for one more time

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