Sunday, July 24, 2011

even in the pain

Even from the depths of where I stand

head in hand, wondering

I know, yes, I know

You, my God are in control.

You know and You see

there is nothing, no nothing

that You do not know

You see the storms in our lives

the darkness from those storms

that covers all, the fallen and the innocent

You are always and forever in control

we may not understand the things that happen

understanding the why is not important

all we need is faith, and belief in the understanding

that You Father God, are in full control

there is reason, there is purpose

even in the pain

we come to You, in those moments

those times of pain, suffering

seeking Your comforting peace

I know in my heart, You know

I know in my heart, there is purpose

a meaning of some sort

even in the pain

I stand here Father God

with the tears falling from a heart broken

handing this storm of mine

handing the storms of the many

to Your care

seeking Your peace

in the understanding that nothing escapes Your knowledge

even as in the pain I stand here

seeking Your light

while I have no understanding of the reasons

that many suffer, many hurt in different ways

I will stand in the belief

even in the pain

that You are now, and have forever been

in control

and in that knowledge, comes peace

sweet comforting peace.

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