Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your peace fills me

Your peace fills me

washes over me as a cool spring

refreshing my soul

as Your Spirit within me sings

songs of peace, songs of joy

and I know, assurance

all things that I have done

have been forgiven

have been forgotten

Your peace fills me

heals me

from all the hurts of the past

as sorrows are gone

as I look to You, my eyes on You

I stand in the warmth of Your light

Your love my guide, my hope

as I move, step by step

along this narrow road to You

Your peace fills me

erases all that once was

replacing it, with the what is

and that my Lord my God

is You

Your peace fills me

guides me with hope

leads me with faith

Your grace a precious gift

Father God, how precious is Your love



washed in the blood of King Jesus

wrapped in the knowledge

of the price paid

turning to Him, seeking Him, accepting Him

as Lord, Savior, King

I know, of things past, I am forgiven

Your peace fills me

I am whole

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