Sunday, July 17, 2011


When the winds call

with the voice of ancestors

the aged and the wise


in the thunder, you will hear the drums

as the trees sway in the winds

you will hear, the rattle of the gourds

the sounds of the shells

that hang from the garments

decorations of a celebration


whisper the winds

what was, once

in the rumble of the thunder

the sounds of the herds, running

hooves pounding the plains

where the grains grow tall

buffalo; big and proud and hundreds strong

covering the plains, stirring the dust into a still sky


whisper the winds

in the crack of the lightening

fires blaze high, crackling

as the dancers move

celebration, request


as the dancers move to the rhythm

of the thunder, of the drums

in the winds you hear


from the elders, from the wise

history recalled, unforgotten

held tight in the heart

culture, language

a life time away

a heartbeat away

as the drums rumble in the thunder

as the fires burn in the lightening

and the winds carry the whispers

of the elders and the wise, instructing


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