Saturday, July 23, 2011

we come to You

Hear my cries dear Lord

see the tears that fall from a heart broken

by what the eyes are seeing

the evil one whispers in the hearts of the weak

speaks lies into the minds of the easily manipulated

he whispers and taunts, and they believe

following his suggestions

hear my cries Lord

hear the cries of the many

who seek You

Whispering prayers for the suffering

whispering prayers for those lost

to the evil one's lies

we have wandered too far from Your light

closed our ears to Your truth

many have taken Your word and twisted it to their own use

we have wandered far, and now suffer

our hearts grow calloused and cold

at injustices done, for they are done so often now

one act, one victim a shrug and a platitude

and the evil one laughs with a watch this

and great horrors unfold on the innocent and guilty alike

hear my cries Lord

hear the cries of the many

who seek You

hear the prayers of those calling out

from the streets, from the countryside

from their closet of prayer

see us Lord, with hands raised to You

as our face lowered, bowed in our shame

we come Lord, with tears of sadness

tears of shame and heartbreak

as the evil and harm continue

we turn Lord, to You

hear us Lord, crying out to You

for those who will cry no more

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