Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Thought

I thought

you would stay

be here always

for me

I thought

days would be spent

laughing, sharing

walking along the pathways

listening to the sounds of the woods

listening to the sounds of our hearts

as they beat in a rhythm of love

I thought

you would stay this time

we would sit at the table

share a meal

recline before the fire

sit, together on the sofa

too wrapped up in each other

to know what was going on around us

I thought

this time you would stay

we would listen to the sounds of night

as day came to an end

night as a blanket covering this place

night, as a curtain, falling gently

night, would find us together

side by side in this big bed

my head on your shoulder

listening to you breathe

feeling your heartbeat, your breath on my cheek

as you turn for that goodnight kiss

a gentle brush

as sleep takes us into its arms

as I rest in yours

I thought

this time you would stay

but I was wrong

for she called, her siren's song drawing you

away from me

I watch but you are gone

following once again

those white lines

taking you away from me

to where ever the highway ends

I thought you would stay

but as I lower my head to my pillow

yours cold and empty

I know that you had to go

had to answer, but I know

that in time, your mistress the road

will release you once again

for a while, just a while

and I will be here


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