Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You are all I need

You are

all that I need

You fill me

with life

with love

You are

all I need

Your peace

I seek

You are all I need

Your forgiveness

washes over me

cleanses me

healing me

You are

all I need

as I go this way

traveling a path

set for me

with You

with me


You are all I need

guiding my steps

teaching me

encouraging me

filling me

with compassion

for those I meet

long this way

You are all I need

and all I need

is You

You lifted me

from the depths of despair

brought me

from the darkness

cleansed me

from the stains of my sins

healed me

from the pains of life

gave rest

to this weary soul

You are

all I need

and all I need

is You

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