Saturday, August 13, 2011

excuse me but I think there is a bird in my potato salad

This was written nearly four years ago now--I still find my attempts at multi-tasking funny--

                    (photo obviously not from the meal mentioned below-but it was the first meal  photo I found)

Excuse me, but I do believe there is a bird in my potato salad.

I did not cook a big meal on Easter because my husband wasn't home. I told him I would wait and cook it the night he was back. That means tonight.

I had all sorts of plans on how this dinner was going to go. I was planning to cook this really nice meal and make sure there was plenty of it. A nice variety of foods for everyone to choose from. So much for big plans and high hopes.

I get in from work and my husband is dozing on the bed. I slip in to check emails and messages. That done I start downloading photos from my camera into my computer getting ready to print. With the first batch I see that I am running out of ink and need to replace the cartridge.

Before I do that I go into the kitchen and start the initial preparations for dinner. Peeling potatoes and placing eggs in water to hard cook. I get the potatoes cut up and in the pot then place the ham in the preheated oven.

Then I move back in here to finish my project. The aroma of food cooking has awakened my husband and he comes into the kitchen.

The first thing my husband does is begin reminding me again by asking me again how I could have forgotten to pay the cell phone bill. I didn't bother telling him it was probably because the day I paid the bills he called me every five minutes wanting to know if I was finished and how much money he had left. Because I still should not have missed that bill. Anyway, I pay more penance and wander away out of sight for a while.

In the process of staying out of sight I manage to put an ink cartridge in my printer wrong and now the thing is angry at me. Wonderful, one large human male angry and one inanimate object that I need, pouting.

Getting my son James to correct the positioning of the ink cartridge I go back into the kitchen.

By this time the eggs are done and the potatoes are as well. Draining the potatoes I place them in a large bowl. Chopping up a green and yellow sweet pepper I then reach for the eggs. Soon all my ingredients are in the bowl and I'm getting it all stirred up. The timer goes off on the oven and the ham is ready.

Just as I turn away I hear my husband enter the kitchen. No sooner does he get into the room that the cockatiel that is supposed to be in her cage in the living room comes flying in behind him and lights on his shoulder. I ask him to get the bird back out of the kitchen as I don't like her in here when I'm cooking. He turns to comply when ...yup, it happened.

The bird didn't want to go back so she flies off of his shoulder, across the counter and lands, directly in the center of the bowl of potato salad. The potato salad I had just moments ago finished preparing. When we all grab for her it startles her and after a quick dancing shuffle around the bowl she jumps from the potato salad and leaving little birdy potato salad footprints moves toward the dish I had set out for the deviled eggs. Thankfully it was empty.

The bird was captured and returned to her cage. I stood looking at the large bowl of potato salad and shaking my head. Sighing I pick up the bowl and carry it to the back door. Tossing the contents out back for what ever hungry critter that came along I turned back to my kitchen. Washing out the bowl I prepared to begin again.

I'm just glad that I didn't use all the potatoes or eggs. Go on back to the television dear, supper is going to be a bit late.

Supper wasn't too terribly late that night. Even with the bird creating the delay the meal was wonderful as the family was together enjoying time together. Those few moments of laughter made it better and made a wonderful memory.

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  1. A very funny story! Perhaps not that funny at the time, but I'm glad you found the humor in the end! :-)

  2. I was more upset at my husband than the bird because it is just a bird and doesn't know my husband knows better now ;)