Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purify this heart

Here I am Lord, before You on my knees


the pain of my heart intense

yet You know, yes I know, You know

the suffering of my heart

here I am Lord


seeking Your healing peace

seeking, Your precious love

wash over me, cleanse my heart

free me, of the darkness of heart

the emotions that wish me harm

here I am Lord, before You on my knees

stained and soiled, the realization of what I am

weighing me down

forgive me, I pray to You

cleanse me, wash me in Your love

purify this heart of mine

that my ways, will be Yours

my thoughts, my actions, my way

will bring glory to You

here I am Lord, with an understanding

the wrong of my ways

how I do harm in my actions, the words of my mouth

cleanse this heart Lord, fill it with Your wisdom

bathe this heart Lord in Your word

fill my mouth with words of peace, words of love

set my sight on You, allowing me to see

the glory of You around me

amaze me with Your wondrous gifts

more proof of Your love

touch this heart, this weeping heart

ashamed of the stains

wash me Lord, in the blood of Your love

cleanse this heart, make it pure

wash this heart Lord, as the pouring rains washes the lands

wash me in Your word, saturate my heart

purify this heart

so that in all things, large and small

I will reflect You, resemble You

show You in my life

purify this heart, that I may

that in all ways

I will glorify You

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