Monday, August 8, 2011

victory, eternal victory

How could we forget? How in our hearts

could we allow the distraction?

as we walk, head down

worries across our face in the lines on our brow

fretting over the day to day

how could we forget

that victory is ours, we have won

how could we allow, the distraction

as we walk, through the daily

our eyes and heart weary

of the storms and struggles

that strive to drag us down

that manage, to drag us down

how, how, could we forget

what was done on the cross

the redemption of those who believe

washed, in the blood of salvation

how could we forget, how, in our hearts

could we allow the distraction?

others watch our walk

they hear our talk

and they wonder,

where is our joy? Is this truly the sign of our hope?

how could we forget?

that victory is ours? We have won

the dark one is defeated by the light

let it shine, let it shine

within our heart, within our eyes

our life

we have won, death is defeated

our hope lives

victory, eternal victory is ours

walk with joy, walk with a smile

dance in joyous acknowledgement

victory eternal victory

has been bought

by the blood on the cross

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