Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lord, I know


I know You hear me

You see, the struggles

You see

me stumble

even as I try

so hard, so hard, to be strong


I know

You are with me

You are my peace

even as the storms seek

to bring me down


I know

You are aware

of all that happens

all that goes on

when I am weak

You are my strength

when I grow weary

You are my rest


I know, I do know

that You are here

with me in all things

no test or trial

goes unnoticed


I know, You are here

draw me Lord

closer to You

fill me with Your peace

wrap me Lord

in Your compassion

Your merciful grace

let me rest Lord

in You

where no storm can reach

allow me Lord

to renew my strength

in You

so that I may go forth

back into the fray

strong and ready

for what may come


I know, yes, I know

You are with me

and no matter the storm

You will always

through it all

be here

until the day

when this race is done

and I close my eyes here

opening them

to look upon you




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