Friday, December 3, 2010

hey Buddy, can ya spare a dime??

Last year I picked up a sheet of labels meant for water bottles. For those that have not seen them the sticker reads in part, "Don't throw me away! I'm worth $100 Fill me up with dimes and you will have raised $100 in the fight against cancer!" It also has the Relay for Life logo on the side. I didn't do anything with the labels last year but remembered them the other day and thought-- why not? With all the water bottles that I have around this house it isn't like I have to go to any trouble to find one. There is also the fact that my family are notorious about not checking pockets very well and change is always showing up in my washer and drier.

So why not?

I took one of the bottles that I had just finished and leaned it over to completely dry out. Once that was accomplished I stuck the label on the bottle and my quest began. I will do my very best to fill this bottle with dimes, (in part just to see if it really does add up to $100) as part of my fundraising efforts for relay..

I have been carrying this bottle around with me since then. Today, I started my cleaning efforts for Christmas. I even tackled my son's room. I wanted to gather all of the dishes that hadn't found their way back to the kitchen yet, as I gathered them, I noticed the variety of change that he left scattered all over the place. There was change on the shelf, his desk, and all across the floor. Thoughts of more dimes for my water bottle, (I noticed that even though I had given him a bottle he had yet to place anything in it) I began to gather change. In the process I found all of the dishes he had in there and got his dirty clothes to wash. I ended up finding five dimes, those went immediately into my bottle. I replace them with a couple of quarters later. I closed the door to his newly straightened room and shook the water bottle now a few more dimes heavier.

I did the same when I straightened the master bedroom. My husband is bad about just dropping his clothing beside the bed and whatever change rolls out usually stays where it stops until I pick it up. I have a small container where I place everything he has dropped, including change. Going thru it I found he had already collected all but a quarter and a penny. Dropping those back into the container I finished making the bed and just as I reached to turn out the light noticed something shiny in the floor almost under the bed. Grabbing the dime I dropped it happily into the bottle.

I've made a lot of headway on the house, in the process my water bottle is much heavier, though a long long way from being full. I hope that when I finish cleaning my kitchen and start on this last room, the worst in the entire house I will have collected up a few more.

I sent the water bottle that I had fixed for James home with my step-daughter so her daughter could try and help raise money- I'll fix James another one. But this bottle, its mine, its my project. and, just as a warning and for information--

I'll be carrying this bottle with me everywhere I go as I seek to fill this thing up and see if it really does add up to $100- or more. So if you happen to see me out somewhere- I'm almost always at Wal-Mart-and you hear the jingle and rattle of change-cough up the dimes- its for a good cause. Because we all, in some way, shape or form, have been touched by cancer. Relay for Life, is the major "fun"draising event for the American cancer Society. An organization that is working to help more people- celebrate more birthdays by finding a cure for this terrible disease. Not only that, but these funds go toward a lot of other ways to assist people fighting cancer. It helps get them wigs, transportation, help with looks, attitudes and supplies-It helps, so that energy can be spent on the fight, and not all of the worries that come with it.

Please, support the American cancer Society and Relay for Life-we have all been touched. Its time to stop it..

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